1. Raven Blakely 2 years ago

    I am pretty confused about the whole twin flame thing, I related a little better to soulmates and soul family, The last 20 years I have been living with somebody who is exactly opposite of me and just about every way imaginable, I am a Libra, she’s an Aries, she’s pretty butch, I’m pretty Fem, I am very in touch with my emotions, she is very in touch with her intellect We argue about just about everything, and yet there is a very strong pull to be together when we’re not together, it’s all very confusing, recently I have had some past life QHHT sessions that took me much to my surprise to the Pleiades, and also I travel a lot with a dragon, I know all of this probably sounds fairly bizarre, but I feel much closer to that dragon than I do To my partner sometimes.
    And as far as sex goes… What’s that???

    • Paula Daisy 2 years ago

      I love hearing others stories. It reminds me I’m not whacked. We all struggle to figure this out. XOXOX

  2. Valerie 2 years ago

    It seems that i have found my twin flame, the expectations are not like i thought they would have been. It is different in so many way’s, a true mirror like you said. I thought before that i had found my twin flame, but now i know that i didn’t. That is why i have been spending a lot of time with my friend, we connect strongly with a sense of thinking we are totale oppisites, but now knowing him better he is showing my soul, my fears, my strengt, and love i have inside . We talk a lot because of this, it scares me sometimes, but it also makes me to show me how much i can love and the fear is starting to go away, i never knew how it felt but now i know, thank you so much Dakota

  3. Carol 2 years ago

    I am learning to understand about self love but as far as twin flames go I have hit the same old brick wall. I don’t want to go into any more detail, sorry Dakota.

  4. Kaya Cooper 2 years ago

    The meditation was the most beautiful experience I have ever had. I truly joined with my twin flame and know she is not embodied right now. She is always with me though. She is my higher self whom I love completely. Thank you for allowing us to be together soul to soul. I feel Larry is one of soul family as is my friend Liz and my son Matt. Some other members of my soul family have passed on. I cherish them all in life or memory. Thank you Dakota, though that doesn’t seem like it says enough.

  5. Paula Daisy 2 years ago

    This seems like a heavy week… not light?!

    • Paula Daisy 2 years ago

      I’m so ready for this work. This was beautiful Dakota. Thanks. South is definitely where I need to put TLC.

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