1. aurelie grignard 2 years ago

    I love this soul track concept. It has completely open my mind on my own abilities to understand the world around me and to better read the signs I receive by the universe.
    I got a book already and will start my dictionary right now!
    Thank you!!

  2. DaQua 2 years ago

    Loved this meditation! Working through the replays and will begin my dictionary. Struggled a little trying to disentangle conditioned meanings / representations for colours etc. from what they mean to me personally. Interesting just unpicking that.

  3. Raven Blakely 2 years ago

    I think this may be the most exciting thing in the course yet, of course I just started but it’s almost like reading tarot cards that me and my soul wrote ourselves or myself? Anyway I have found it to be very helpful the few times I’ve tried it in the last couple of days and I’m looking forward to getting my notebook and pens and starting to jot down what my guides might be saying to me through all sorts of interesting means. Thanks Dakota this is great!

  4. Mara 2 years ago

    I can’t wait to go out and buy my new soul tracking journal tomorrow! I guess I never really thought about how personal each signs message is to each person. I always use to think along the lines of everything being universal for everyone. I am excited to get my decoding on!

  5. Carol 2 years ago

    I am excited by soul tracking, I understand most of it, for the first time ever I couldn’t wait for the replay of the second live call to be posted so I could watch it and learn more. I am excited to be starting my dictionary and learning a lot more ways of talking to my guides. Of understanding messages.

    I am truly grateful to be able to write this. Aho Dakota

  6. Kaya Cooper 2 years ago

    I wrote down all my thoughts for years until my ex girlfriend started reading them and asking me questions she could only have asked by reading them. I got my own place, in the same trailer park, and started wondering who else would read them after I died, so I threw them all away. Journals have been an anathema to me ever since, so I got very frustrated by this assignment. I don’t want to open old wounds by keeping such a personal journal . I haven’t physically been able to write in Dakota’s journal or to start this assignment. Is that okay? I have tried hard, but can’t do it and I think it is a battle I don’t wish to fight. I enjoyed the print outs of the slides though, especially the color slides. Thank you Dakota for all the hard work you put into the slides…

    • Carol 2 years ago

      Kaya I want to say thank you for writing this post. I know it is different circumstances for us both but I resonated so much to what you have written. Years ago when I was in the depths of depression I kept a diary, it. was so angry, full of hate, You have helped me realise why I never want to write one ever again even thou people ask me why I don’t.

      Thank you for making me feel safe enough to write this. Aho

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