1. Mara 2 years ago

    I loved this weeks meditation! It was so powerful, transformative & healing! I always knew I was an empathy my whole life. I was always well aware of the struggles that this created for me, I simply accepted them as a standard of life. It never dawned on me that there are tools available to help me better navigate this world. I am grateful to now have such an in-depth understanding of my gift. I was guided to buy Judy Orloff”s book: “The Empath’s Survival Guide,” as recommended in the resource section. I am so excited to read this over break! Yay!

  2. DaQua 2 years ago

    I have finally caught up with replays and downloads of the past couple of weeks. This afternoon, I read through the download ( I haven’t watched the replays for this week yet) and have been moved to tears – tears of realisation and recognition. So much now makes sense to me. Without doubt I am an empath and whilst this has been a blessing in so many spheres of my life there are aspects of myself that I have struggled with understanding even though I have an awareness. Reading this has been so so helpful. It’s hard for me to express just how much. Thank you.

  3. Raven Blakely 2 years ago

    That was a very powerful meditation, and the lesson is right where I am in my life, Sometimes I am amazed at the syncrinicities in my life with this program. I will come back and write more when my ipad is working again, It is hard for me to type this all out, Still I am so grateful fro Dakota, these lessons and all the tribe, thanks to All

  4. aurelie grignard 2 years ago

    Before starting the mentorship, I had never thought I was an empath. To be honest I did not even know what it really means (even in French). I used to complain that I am a “dark energy sponge” and that I drained bad energy from the 4 corners of the world. A couple of years ago, I decided to learn about energy with only one purpose in mind : learn to stop it forever and never get energy from anyone again. I could not imagine one second that I could receive good energy. Anyway I did not care about the good energy, I just wanted to stop the flow no matter if it was good or bad. I can tick all the empath struggle boxes. I never never watch tv neither listen to the radio, I hate shopping, it kills me, I instantly know when people are lying to me especially very close family members like my mum and my brother and I hate it. I have a lot of empath nightmare with family members, friends or strangers calling for my help while I am not able to help them. As an basic example last night, I dreamt about an ex-boyfriend who was not a not a very good person and manipulated me a lot. In my dream, he was violent with his new girlfriend so I protected her and he hit me instead of her while she was hidden behind my legs. Then he took a gun to kill us both. At the last second a policeman arrived to rescue us. Even if we were safe, I felt very guilty for not being able to help this girl by myself. I was not scare about dying I was sad for her being abused by this guy. It is one example amongt hundred. I used be a workcolic and I considered it as my “healthy addiction” to escape from the reality of the messy world we live in. I do need to be alone A LOT. I used to define myself as an “asocial person”, I like solitude, most of the time I prefer to alone that surrounded by friends or family and if I have a family gathering I either don’t go or plan an very early escape. My sister has been hurt by this behaviour a lot but I just can’t handle family gathering.
    When I read “Being an empath is a gift”, I stopped, smiled and thought “Well Dakota, it is the first I fully disagree with you, there is no way I am going to work on becoming an empath, I am currently learning about how not be one so don’t even think about it, it won’t happen. Sorry but I don’t want to be an empath, in other words I want to be an no empathy person”. Then I laughed and thought “Hoooho no… after 7 weeks in the mentorship I just reach this famous line of the uncomfortable zone that we are supposed to push ourselves in because it is where great learning happen… ho ho it looks like I am in trouble now ” I seat back in the sofa and took a deep breath.
    I have to be honest I was pretty confident that I would not reach any uncomfortable zone, I thought I was ready to face any kind of challenge. Well, now I feel in front of a massive wall… it is going to be a big challenge to overtake. I am not sure about how to face it, but I guess it is part of this mentorship journey. Thank you for challenging me.

  5. Carol 2 years ago

    As I was reading about Hank and Bella, I felt this enormous light bulb light up inside of my head. I am understanding things that have been upsetting me for years because I couldn’t understand. Dakota, you are an Angel, for sure, as well as all the other beautiful things you can do for the world. One of my consultants said that it was ok to have light and dark inside your head at the same time. Dakota. Thanks to you I now know what she meant, I know who Hank and Bella are. I know who they are.

  6. Kaya Cooper 2 years ago

    As usual, just what I needed. I promised this morning to Larry and my son to set boundaries with my 45 yr. old daughter. She was so upset about being broke and poor last night, and as usual I took it all on myself and caused lots of drama for myself, Larry, and Matt. No matter how much or how often I send her money, her situation just worsens. I am very much an empath and Erin takes advantage of it. I promise everyone this stops now! I didn’t call or text her today as she got me so upset last night. I can’t afford to send her more money and I am refusing to do it from this morning onward. I don’t have to respond to her every time either. This is all unbelievably new and freeing. I’m still helping her with a couple of bills, but no extra! I feel so free since my son talked to me this morning. I generally avoid energy vampires, but when it’s your firstborn it’s hard. I WILL do it though and I feel like a new person. Thank you for what you wrote for us Dakota. It kind of seals everything for me. Thank you, thank you!!!

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