1. Patty Jenkins 8 months ago

    A new area of study for me. Have dabbled but not very deep. This meditation was very helpful and non intrusive.

  2. Marsha Fehl 2 years ago

    THere is so much to take in it can be daunting to get everything in place to journey. I’m feeling better about using the meditations than setting out on my own to journey because I’m not sure I’m readying myself completely. But I am learning so much and I can feel an immense amount of energy around me and learning to be very aware of my body and bodies. Many spirits are visiting me and I’m feeling the guides, just still very new to some of this. Because of my current working situation, I’m not able to go as fast through the work each week but hopefully I can move at my own pace.
    I’m learning so much about myself that I knew but hadn’t faced in the way that this course brings me to the forefront. Let’s keep going ahead, moving forward!!

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