1. Sharon Bos 12 months ago

    I had mixed feelings about this one. I did a half day since it fell on a holiday for me. After doing this, I realized I need to do this more often. So I’m committed to once a week media free time.

    • Lee Connors 12 months ago

      Hi Sharon,

      This one is so hard, what I started doing was turning off all notifications on my phone on the weekends. I also have my phone go silent at night between set times, with a few exceptions for a couple of phone numbers. This has helped a lot, yes I can pick up my phone and look. However, over time you won’t “check it” as often as you did at the beginning.

      Team Gaia

  2. Karen Cooper 3 years ago

    I can’t thoroughly do this one because my partner insists on tv at mealtime. Today I managed silence for 4 hours. It’s hard when your partner insists on talking to you believe me. Larry is a good man, but not a bit spiritual and while that’s okay with me it makes this exercise difficult. During Zen sesshins I would spend up to a week in silence with everyone else.

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