1. Sandra_M 3 years ago

    Each meditation is more powerful than the last. Words can’t even begin to describe the healing that came with this meditation. I can only say thank you.

  2. Cheyanne 4 years ago

    I lost a part of myself with past relationships. Not feeling good enough, pretty enough, putting my trust in people who only took my power away. Giving away my sacredness to someone who left me broken. Those sacred boundaries were lost when I was very young, when someone I trusted took that from me. I’ve been missing that part of me for so long and it’s carried through all of my relationships. Even now when I’m in a very sacred relationship with my soul mate, that sacred, sensual part of me has been lost. I never really knew why until now. Ive always given myself to other people, never fully loving myself. But now she’s back…I’m back. Thank you.

  3. Amy 4 years ago

    Night two – a little less emotional this go around. I was able to see that there were people who did provide love and nurtured me; I just couldn’t see them at the time. I’m doing a lot of work on the first and second chakra this past month and a half and I was able to let go of things that were not serving me while swimming through the lake. I like that this meditation coincided with the new moon – a chance to let go and shed. My tree came in the form of a tree sprouting out of Paravati (the mountain goddess). Once again I discovered one of my guides (an orb of light and energy) has a power and purpose to unite. I also discovered tonight the playfulness of the orb. I love that this meditation unfolds something new each time.
    Today I wore an orange hip scarf at my xabeat class and bought a second chakra candle.

  4. Amy 4 years ago

    I began doing this work about a week ago, with a healer, during our last session before she left town. Our session worked on integrating the depressed sad abandoned part of my childhood with the child me that did experience joy. And once again with this meditation my integration calls forth a horse (a bay). My spirit animals tend to change based on the time period i’m working with/the subject matter.
    I’m thankful for this mediation as it allows me to continue integrating the very depressed/lonely/abandoned/helpless period of my time with the memory of younger me who did experience joy and the older more whole aspect of who I’ve become.
    This reintegration connects with/stems from the forgiveness work of last week.
    I’m going to try and do more alternating between the forgiveness and the integration of my lost self. I also realized there is a time period where this also happened when I was much younger (2nd grade; 7 or 8 years old) and to work on that separation as well.

  5. lisa 5 years ago

    i think I should come back to this several times as several things came to mid and people to more spiritually forgive, This meditation is a gift.

  6. Hanna Isaksson 5 years ago

    I have during the week done the exercise with the chakra’s. It was interesting how each day something came up that was connected to that chakra. All days except when it was third eye chakra. I think I need to find som exercise for this chakra. It feels right now lika the one that is most out of balance.

  7. Lee-Ann 5 years ago

    Wow, this was very emotional and moving for me. I also feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me now. I have regained a piece of my soul that I abandoned when I was 13. Thank You!

  8. Michelle 5 years ago

    Once again I’m crying, tears streaming down my face. I welcomed back my fifteen year old self who had been spat on by two girls who were now laughing at me. I remember not being able to say any thing and trying to pretend that it had not happened. I hated that time at school and found it hard to find a sense of belonging. I gave my lost self what she needed – a hug and a friend, and spoke up for her telling her she was beautiful and worthy of respect. Our third eyes were pressed against a beautiful big jacaranda tree, and the tree gifted us a little blue budgerigar. I have just looked up the spiritual meaning of the budgerigar in Scott Alexander King’s book Animal Dreaming, and it said the budgerigar “embodies the pure essence of unconditional love, affection, trust, and companionship. It helps heal our past and deepens our sense of love and self worth”. I don’t know when I cried more, when I relived the memory, when I heard Dakota say Welcome back to the lost part of our self, or feeling the connection and wisdom of the message from this little blue budgie.

  9. Carol 5 years ago

    Very poignant, but comforting to see all my guides together. In deepest gratitude Dakota.

  10. Joy Little Mountain Richards 5 years ago

    Wow, I’m still tingling…feel I’ve doubled in size….
    I reclaimed my four year old self.
    Very profound experience.
    Deepest gratitude Dakota for giving me these tools to learn and grow.
    I am grateful.

  11. HillaryBanksSelf 5 years ago

    Goodness – this was powerful.
    I reclaimed my 6 year old self.

  12. Hanna Isaksson 5 years ago

    Very powerful, I think I am going to use this meditation a lot 🙂 got back a 6 year old from a really bad situation I was put into by my brother. I think this soul coming back to me will strengthen my boundaries and my ability to say no and to step out of situations when I am not being respected.

  13. Christina 5 years ago

    I am beginning the chakra exercise today and am very excited. The mediation was amazing ~ I felt such compassion for my 13 year old. I had a aha that I noticed during the meditation as it was running through that time and it relates to using my voice. The forest was beautiful and a butterfly floated around us, there was a wolf (protecting and watching over us it felt like) as we walked, while hearing the wind sing beautiful song. The water had crystals pulsing at the bottom and that experience was yummy. There was a massive Oak in the meadow and I told her/me not to listen to what was told. She is a good girl and everything they said was not true. I told her that they were just taking out their pain and unhappiness on her, that it’s not fair but also not her fault. I told her she was safe and I would take care of her now. The merging ceremony was beautiful and the love and opening of the heart was so strong from the forest up to when I came back. Such an awesome meditation thank you!

  14. Valerie 5 years ago

    This was a very emotional meditation for me. When I was in kindergarden my grandmother didn’t liked me, and she was clear in that, because I looked to much like my father, beeing adventurous and full of energy. When i was 7 years old i was bullied because i had to do my first year in school again. The kids who whent to the next year said I was dumb and etc . So I became very sad and this whent on till I was around 11y. So at an early age I abandoned myself. I forgave my grandmother and the kids in school but I never, until now, found myself. This was another big puzzle that I have found. A big treasure to open my heart more and understanding my relations with others. Thank you again, much blessings ❤️

  15. Jackie 5 years ago

    I AM doing this week’s filling up the chakras. I feel so sad that I had abandoned myself as a child, and that the only way I thought I could get love was to mould myself into what other people wanted… it was a humbling experience…it hurt so much to see myself now in my early sixties wanting to nurture and ‘raise’ myself back up, comfort and love the young me…telling her that she was perfect just the way she was…lovable and totally charming…how sad that I abandoned my angelic beings thinking that I wasn’t ‘fit’ to ask for their help and protection…
    During the melding of our two spirits I felt complete, recharged and young again. Thank you so much for this experience!

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