1. Karen Cooper 3 years ago

    This was a very private journey for me as I’m sick with several diseases that give me a short life expectancy and I’m 66. This felt pretty imminent for me and was very comforting and beautiful. Thank you. Aho!

  2. Autumn 5 years ago

    By My Dying Side
    Today I journeyed with a brilliant blue and green bird to meet my dying self. We followed a path with emerald crystals and stones. The path was lined with crystals and flowers. But I had a hard time keeping my feet on the path. Then my large span of wings came out and I flew behind the bird. I looked at my life, the many obstacles that I have experience which were catalysts for my growth. I flew through a tunnel and there was fog. I saw my obstacles as huge orange mountains and I was standing on top of them, reflecting on how I had worked through them. I looked down in the valleys and saw this as some of the hard times in my life when my heart was heavy and I dealt with depression. I saw how I came up from this. We continued to fly along the path and we reached this beautiful grove of old ancient trees. The trees were huge and moss covered. I saw myself lying on my deathbed. I was older and wrinkled in my face and hands. I looked very frail but happy. I held my hand and placed my hand on my dying bodies heart. I told myself that I loved me. I at times hugged me. I did not have many regrets. I wish that I had not told Bonnie Serosa that she was fat in the 8th grade. I wish I had not hurt others feelings but then I knew that was somehow part of the journey for others growth and my own growth. My dying self told me that I would always be and always have been taken care of so to stop worrying. Stop living in fear. She told me that I needed to Let Go of my need to control. She told me to stop thinking so much that this is just a distraction from the present. She reminded me when I was younger and carefree and how I did not have to know everything then and when I flowed along with life, it all worked out. I just loved on her. I held her hand and had my hand on her heart as she took her last breath. I watched her spirit swirl upward and then I saw her wings. She was just swirling around, happy above her body. Then Dakota mentioned her spirit family and I saw all of my loved ones who had passed being with her. I told her I loved her. Then I flew back following the brilliant blue green bird along the path. Eventually we made contact with the ground and I really focused on grounding in. I noticed the emerald green stones, the crystals as my feet made contact with the earth. I felt my heart chakra getting bigger and bigger. Then I brought myself back into the 3D realm.

  3. Hana Cechova 5 years ago

    This was a beautiful meditation and it raised many questions in me. My dying ME was hundreds and hundreds years old woman with very long white hair, she was in black and white and there was deep peace and wisdom naturally flowing from her. She has a peaceful expression on her dying face and it looked like she is glowing from inside. She was holding a big red heart on her chest and it was broken in two pieces. I felt a huge pain in my own chest. I felt huge contrast between the inner peace and wisdom and this huge pain in my heart. She died with a broken heart, not because of a broken heart but with it. At some point I became her and I felt the layers of my body turning into ashes, flash and bones all turning into dust taken by wind. There were no regrets at all, no fear, no pain anymore, just release. I saw a white dove raising from the body and then I connected with ascended masters. There were more of them but I clearly saw Jesus and Quan Jin. Jesus came to me and told me – You did well. You did a good job. And then the crow, which was my bird guide in this meditation, took me back. I cried a lot during this meditation and I just keep wondering whether there are painful things in your life, that you are supposed to carry till the end of this incarnation in order to gain wisdom and peace and you won´t be able to release them sooner, as they serve your highest good…

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      What a touching journey Hana. It sounds so profound, and guided. A lot of beautiful symbols within the messages, and I wonder too if we are to carry these painful things till the end, they are in many sense, what makes us strong. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful experience.

  4. Carol Sloan 5 years ago

    I don’ want to go to sleep tonight, not after doing this week’s meditation. I saw more images in the last 5minutes than the whole of the sacred warrior breathwork, and I am still seeing them now. I cried the whole way through it and it took every ounce of strength I have to keep going. When it was time to pass I saw me going up into space and then the stars went out. I saw the life force come out of my lifeless body and I saw druids again. I could only say one word to my dying self – Sorry. I saw the bird as clear as a photograph that guided me, it was a barn owl.

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