1. Karen Cooper 3 years ago

    I enjoyed the love I experienced for my higher self. I got the same message as in my 2 most recent journeys. I was given and have now come to recognize this immediately as strength of character. This was something i hadn’t experienced until yesterday. I feel very powerful like my spirit animal, white lion. Thank you! Aho!

  2. Patricia 5 years ago

    This meditation was very soothing, I went to Avebury, which is a place in Hampshire where there are really a circle of monolithic stones. When I went in real life I do remember feeling the energy of the stones, but on this journey I was actually able to connect fully with each one. I was a beautiful and energizing feeling. Since the breath work meditation I do really feel the shift I experienced and although I saw or felt things in previous meditations on the mentorship I still felt disconnected and didn’t quite trust the experiences. Now I am able to. Before I even done this meditation I had started to act on my intuition through out the week. Things that I had felt about a person, I asked them and it turns out I was correct. I also had a fear that if I spoke my truth to him he would leave me but for some reason I had the overwhelming feeling that even if I did our connection would not be broken so I spoke my truth anyway and the opposite happened, he opened up more and we have now become closer.

    So the point I am making is that in doing this meditation what I had already been intuitively experiencing was validated.

  3. April Doyle 5 years ago

    As I did this meditation, Bub cat was snuggled up to me & kept tapping me, so I thought maybe he wanted to get light with me, so I asked him to come along. He soon got bored with me. I floated up the mountainside I love. At the medicine wheel, I spaced out on the West direction, but did the other directions o.k. I didn’t feel as much in my body as I’m used to. And then I got VERY COLD. I could see the first two stones in the stone circle as well & then spaced the rest. Meeting my higher self, I didn’t have any questions & then spaced out.

  4. Carol Sloan 5 years ago

    This was quite different from the first time I did this meditation. Almost as soon as it started I realised that my higher self and I have been one for a number of years,nearly 7 infact, when my stump was born. I saw my Soul Shamen , my Horse plus 1 or 2 more, confirmation that I had been a Scottish warrior in a past life, one of those cloaked beings with their hood half off. I don’t know what most of this has to do with my higher self but maybe she thought I should see it.

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      I love when you can do the same meditation multiple times and have a different experience each time. And my experience, Carol, is that we may not have the understanding from our mental body as to the why but our guides and most certainly our Higher Self will always show us what is in our highest interest. Do you think the Scottish warrior came as a symbol of the strength you have?

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