1. Kaya Cooper 3 years ago

    I had a wonderful conversation with my dear friend Barbara. I have really been missing her. She just died 2 years ago. She is very happy and I was so happy to be with her again that I cried and cried. This was very personal for me. Thank you so much Dakota for helping me meet with Barbara again. We have always been very close. She was the only friend who has passed that I wanted to see tonight. I will take this journey to see others and Barbara again many times. Aho!

  2. Sandra_M 3 years ago

    This was a most amazing experience as my ancestors from this life and past came to me to bring messages of hope and encouragement. My dad, in his light being essence, came to me and hugged me. Encouraging me to continue on my path to healing and being the best healer I can be. Knowing that I have the support of so many in the realm, brings me feelings of warmth. I was assured, that I am the essence of all my lives, and that I am to embrace the lessons from each as they will continue to serve me in this life. Most interesting was the ancestors of a past life where I was shown the warrior I was and was told to take his essence with me. They showed me how I roamed the land and respected it. They showed me the energy that surges through every living thing. It was most beautiful…. Niá:wen

  3. Cheyanne 4 years ago

    I met my grandpa whom I never got to meet in this life. I know he’s always been a part of me though, I have his eyes. He made me feel safe during this journey and lead me through an old town in Ireland and to the top of a cliff, overlooking the landscape.

    3 celtic women showed up, I think they were sisters. They sang and danced around me, their dresses and long hair flowing with every movement. It was beautiful. They gave me a flower crown and I joined their dance, twirling and flowing with the music.

    I met a monk, who I think is one of my guides. I also met a woman back in the town. She looked very poor and tired, her hair tied in an unkempt ponytail and her clothes tattered and worn. She carried a baby.

    It was a bit difficult for me to stick with these images and keep an open heart because fear was holding me back. Fear of this time of year and fear of negative energies. I could feel how tight my chest was and I kept trying to open my heart chakra as much as I could. I think I did ok though. I will be gentle with myself and keep working on strengthening the relationship with my guides.

  4. Michelle 5 years ago

    I think I met my grandmother’s father, John Paul, even though I didn’t receive a name and my great grandfather died before I was born. First there were three dogs, two of which were greyhounds, one big and black and the other a little smaller, brown and white. I also saw ferrets. I asked whether he was on my Mum or Dad’s side of the family, and felt a sensation over my right eye, so I took it as being the paternal side. I asked if he could show me where he lived and I immediately felt cold and shivery. I know my great, great, great, great grandfather lived in England but when I got the image of snakes, I didn’t think this was right. My head then started to pull and lean to the left, and I then knew it was somehow related to my grandmother, as her name was Eileen. We used to play games in the back of the car when we went round a corner. She would lean over and say “do you know Eileen” and then around the next corner “do you know Eileen Moore” which was her name. Anyway, I got the feeling this man was her father. I asked about his wife and an image of a smiling lady with brown shoulder length wavy/frizzy hair popped up. This made me smile because she had hair just like me, and I have always wondered where it could have come from. The meeting took place on a farm, looking out over the paddocks at night. A purple jacaranda tree stood out in the darkness. I asked if we were at Jerry Plains, the small town where she grew up, and shivers and tingles went through my body. I know he had five daughters and one son, as I did get to meet all of them when I was very young. I could see all of their faces clearly. I asked if he had a message for me or if there was anything that I could do to help him. It took a little while but he replied “to stay in touch”. I know exactly what he meant. Now that my Mum has died, I am the last one alive with the Moore surname. Last May there was a family reunion for the Paul side of the family. I wasn’t going to go but I’m glad that I did because now it’s nice to know that I’m not alone and still have family hanging from the other branches of the family tree. An image of an owl also appeared several times during the meditation journey. I love the synchronicity of how things work. Earlier this evening before doing this meditation I was going through some old papers that I had found in a small port from my mum’s house, and one of these was my grandmother’s marriage certificate. I didn’t really read it at the time but after the meditation I had another look. It had her parents name and place of birth. It also listed her father’s occupation as a crane hand. I have had a fascination with cranes ever since I can remember, and even last Wednesday stopped a little bit longer than I needed to, just to watch the cranes at the new shopping centre development. So from this meditation I have found out where my frizzy hair may have come from and also my unexplainable fascination with cranes. So thank you Dakota.

  5. Valerie 5 years ago

    This was a very amazing experience. First I met my grandparents and my children that I lost during a miscarriage. Then so many spirits appeared that came from long time era’s ago, people I never knew. I saw tribe people, forest people, people of the dessert. Shamans and wise woman.So many animals, bear, deer, eagle, rabbit, wolf, etc. And nature spirits. After that i became one with the deer. Then i became the eagle, all of my ancestors where there and we flew through. All of my ancestors became stars and then they formed a galaxy. I could land on one of the planets of pure golden light I waves with my hands like a painter, and started painting nature live. One of my ancestors spoke to me and said that I will come here after this live. With the Message create your live on earth as you would create your live here with no limits but as a free spirit from the heart with the love for all live ❤️

  6. Christina 5 years ago

    This was so amazing and cannot wait to do it again :). I was met by my grandmother and then my husband’s grandmother (which at first I thought was a little odd but we were close). My hands were on fire during the whole meditation and my body was warm and relaxed. I received some really cool messages relating to some stuff that has come up recently with life patterns and family patterns, etc. and some really good wisdom regarding that. My grandmother also told me to “relax a little “mija” you’re too hard on yourself” and yes she is right. I was a little nervous doing this at first as I have always been reserved volunteering to seek out the dead since I have frequently had experiences with them anyway since I was a child. However, breathed through my hesitation and let it go and was pleasantly surprised. I think my helpers kept it simple for my first time for me and when the music changed about half- way through my grandmother told me it was time for them to go and she hugged me and I made my journey back through the veil. I thought it was over and when I got up and looked at the mediation I was only about half-way in! Now that I have done it and feel very comfortable doing so I will definitely be doing it again. 🙂 No previous tenent’s from my dad’s apartment, or dead singer’s that died on the side of the road… etc…. phew! lol

  7. Heather Thomas 5 years ago

    I felt really warm during the meditation. My dog was going crazy, and kept falling off the couch, i think my dad was playing with him. Two clear messages came through, yes do the Reiki 2 training, and I need to try to make certain recipe that was my great grandmothers, she will help me figure it out, the kids will like it. And there was third energy that was attempting to come but it didn’t feel good so i kept asking it if you are here for my highest good. Eventually it left. When it started was when my dog came, so i didn’t mind that he was there.

  8. HillaryBanksSelf 5 years ago

    I met all of my loved ones who’ve passed on and one-by-one greeted them and shared from my soul to theirs: apologies, gratitude, grief, appreciation and love. I shared my confusion, pain and fears and asked for their guidance and wisdom to help direct my actions in this life. They formed a prayerful circle around me, holding hands, as I laid down on the ground in the middle. While they were praying over me, my spirit animals entered the circle one by one. First a small, red fox curled up underneath my right arm, laying his head on my chest. Next, the white wolf came and sat on my left side. A white owl descended and perched on my left knee and a white butterfly landed on my right knee. Finally, my majestic white Moose totem walked up and looked over the scene from my feet, whilst my guardian angel took the post above my head. I was filled with such serenity, love and peace. After a while, I felt compelled to sit up and thank them – and we all broke out into dance. We danced and shared hugs and I continued to thank them over and over for the visitation. As I made my way back out to the portal door, I told them all I can’t wait to see them again. It was such a peaceful, healing journey. I am very grateful.

  9. Hanna Isaksson 5 years ago

    I met my dad, my relatives that passed away, my horse and dog from when I was a child. Cried many times during the meetings. But it was filled with love and very beautiful.

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