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  1. Shannon Oehmke 8 months ago

    I have done this for years where I read my environment or a picture. I often do it with oracle cards. I read the picture for a personal message that may or may not line up with what’s written in the book. I loved hearing Dakota’s discussions with students messages with different photos.
    When I collage, this is how I choose my pictures from magazines but I’d love to try it with downloaded photos.
    I love the calm energy and the heartfelt way Dakota teaches.
    When I joined this course it was right before my dad had a heartattck and my family needed me more then usual. I had printed many of the lessons in hopes of reading them while I was waiting for family in the hospital or while I was keeping my mom company at home. I’m a slow reader and I forgot that there were audio versions of lessons. That’s been very helpful. Learning is something that I love and I, like Dakota have learned from many teachers. Most at this time are not in our physical world. So many of my messages I hear or get as a download but I absolutely loved writing out a message from the photos that were provided. Huge thank you. It is my favorite lesson so far.

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