1. dminer11 4 years ago

    My mind is still spinning. I too am familiar with Zoraster and 6 pointed star etc. The only thing that I can add is about the Vulture. Often referred to as earth eagle. The myth was that the vulture flew to close to the sun…reference to helios… and it burned his head…that is why he is bald. A vultures prey is of dead animals. Laden with bacteria which has no affect to the vulture. As he carries the sun fire with him to kill the bacteria. It has been years that I have thought about this…so I will have to go look it up again.
    Thank you so much Sherri. I love the history piece…it all make so much sense to me know.
    My mother had a prayer she used to find lost objects. “MAY THE DEVIL BE ON HIS KNEES UNTIL I FIND XYZ”. Always works…Always and quickly. The devil was a fallen angel. I look forward to using…”that angel who locates lost items please find XYZ”.
    Again ALL very interesting. Thank you.

  2. Elizabeth Rasmussen 4 years ago

    I just Call my angles When I ask for there help. Like Angles find me a parking spot. I use the Archangels a lot . And as Dakota when calling on them I say Archangel the one that heals come help me. Lucky for me they know who I’m calling. I use Archangel Michael all the time. His energy is so powerful protection with love. I call for his help when traveling in the different worlds. Or do healing he is with me. I ask him to protect my love ones. Now I’ll tell you how one day he saved me from the worst nightmare any mother never wants.
    My son was going to a event 300 km from here. His girlfriend had to work so she couldn’t come. So my son would be driving in a friends car. So my son was waiting for the friend to pick my son up. Well as always I asked Archangel Michael to put his red cape around my son and protect him. Just minutes after my son got a call from his girlfriend. Her boss had just given her free. So she wanted to come with him. So my son called his friend and said he would take his own car to the event . The friend didn’t show up to the event. The friend was in a bad accident,nobody in the car made it. These boys came often to the house so it hurted like mad I of course thanked Archangel Michael.

  3. Joy Little Mountain Cloud Richards 4 years ago

    Oh wow, could listen to you two all day, fascinating. Thank you for much Sherrie for all the research, truly appreciated, and the time and effort you put into this. You certainly did go down the rabbit hole, hats off to you, excellent, beautifully presented format.

    When you were both contemplating the number six, the six wings, then talked of the Cherim and Seraphim, my thoughts…the six is the six pointed star, the symbol of the Merkebah. You went on Dakota to mention the Order of Melchizedek. But for me that symbol, its the heaven on earth symbol, I place myself in it, when doing meditations.

    Islam and Christianity have always had those religious wars, as you said Dakota. The Holy Crusades.
    In the Muslim culture, they acknowledge Jesus, he was regarded as a Prophet/Messenger of God, a Messiah in the Quran. So there is a lot of cross over from all cultures at the end of the day… my belief…all paths lead to the one source..

    I like to think, we co-create, our intensions with the help of Angels, guides etc. That is my new way of interpreting now, since following this Shamanic path.

    Deepest gratitude and respect to you both, for all that you do, helping me understand. I have still so much to learn.

  4. Karen Sky Dancer 4 years ago

    Aho Beautiful Souls
    Thank you so much for this informative session! Research of this nature is the rabbit hole of all rabbit holes! Aho to you Sherry
    The great Zoroaster was purported to be quite the astronomer/astrologer. It is believed by some biblical aficionados that the “Magi” who journeyed to Bethlehem to pay homage to the Christ child were followers of Zoroaster. They were acting on the prediction of the birth of a “King” that Zoroaster divined
    With the stars.
    I really enjoyed the interaction between you and felt totally part of what you were sharing
    Thank you! Aho

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