1. Joy Little Mountain Cloud Richards 4 years ago

    Loved the presentation, wow, thank you both so much, gathering this all together, fantastic.
    As Denise says above, synchronicity, we were just talking about Blavatsky the other day. Look up the Secret Doctrine on google, there’s a website set up like library you might like to view ( be warned, chuckle, you’ll go down the rabbit hole and you’ll never be heard of again…). I came across Blavasky in 1998. I attend a Theological Society here in Liverpool. They also have a You Tube Channel which, wow, makes it all so much more easier watching a lecture then ploughing through a book, recommend both websites.
    I’m not sure, but didn’t Dr Wayne Dyer carry on in similar vein, I AM THAT I AM. Check out on You Tube, a profound surreal vibrational energy sort of tone…
    Diana Cooper, had honour to met her probably 15 years ago. Got photo of us both and my angel deck signed by her. Went with my beautiful friend, Mary, RIP. She introduced me to Angels.
    And Brian, RIP, used to talk about the White Brotherhood and White Eagle Healing Lodge.
    You have brought up some magical moments in my life, meeting and knowing Mary and Brian, ( not related but I was honoured to get to know them as friends, both took me under their wings ) they were Earth Angels. That’s why I was so crushed when they died within a year, both of cancer, they were huge influence in my life. I miss them still. Like surrogate Mother and Father to me.
    Think you both for all the work you do for us all, truly appreciated.
    And yes, blending into the Shaman Wheel, magical!

  2. dminer11 4 years ago

    Should say I like how you tied it into Shamanism, Dakota.
    Too many typos. Rule #1..don’t type on your phone in the dark with no readers on. Argh.

  3. dminer11 4 years ago

    I need to watch it again. The research was excellent. Get job Sherri. I love how you tied it into Shamanism.
    Madame Blavatsky channeled Koot Humi…it was a sound alike because the name was actually Kuthumi. The ancient language sanzer I also found interesting for me personally. I attended meditation group one a week in the 80’s. Oh how I could fly. I would go to the Himalayas and her that language spoken. My teacher asked if I could repeat it…yes, and I did. She said i was speaking senger basha. I cant find basha anywhere when i look it up. Boy it surely brought me back to the beginning of my formal spiritual journey. I have the secret Doctrine. Infact the other day Joy and I were talking about it. I have books on “I am” …St Germain and 7 Rays . Mount Shasta we were taught was the home of space beings. That was my life…Great Great job to you both. Thank you.

    • dminer11 4 years ago

      Should say I like how you tied it into Shamanism, Dakota.

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