1. Karen Cooper 3 years ago

    This meditation brought up a brand new feeling for me. At first I thought I might be starting to feel anger, then realized this feeling was strength of character. I have it as an aspect of my character now. What a boon for both me and my closest relationships. Thank you Dakota and Aho!

  2. Gillian 5 years ago

    This meditation was very difficult. It felt like I couldn’t really understand the questions being asked. What is my dream life? What is my dream job? Is my relationship sacred (not really sure what that looks like). I was in this very narrow space, built of brick. There was only enough room to stand or sit. I felt confined, restricted, panic. Then the narrow space got smaller n there was only room to stand. I could barely breathe. I felt a strong sense of hopelessness. Have come out of it with the same feeling, a very familiar feeling of the no matter how hard I try, no matter what I do, I will never be good enough.

  3. Hana Cechova 5 years ago

    This meditation was deeply painful for me as I clearly felt the energies from all the directions. There was love and joy in my career but unbearable tiredness, south was connected with emotional pain and emptiness to such a degree that I almost couldn´t dream of how I would like to experience my new relationships, I could only imagine being surrounded by female friends. I felt extremely disconnected in the west realizing how unsafe and insecure the 3D world is for me all my life and how desperately I´m looking for a place called home. The shift came through as I reached the north, I felt deep peace and huge compassion towards all the pain. North is now a place for me to draw energy from, it has always been my whole life, the energy of Spirit that helped me to survive. I just remembered my mum telling me once that since I was a little kid she felt that I´m a child in protection of Virgin Mary, I draw her and Jesus as a little girl although my family didn´t have any confession and we didn´t go to church. I remember now so clearly speaking to God since my early age. I feel deeply grateful and blessed.

  4. Grace 5 years ago

    For someason, I had a hard time with this meditation. When you started in the West, it was like I could not connect, then I got lost going around the wheel lIke I was in a maze.. Just the thought of West feels unsettling to me. I don’t know if it’s the energy or all the intense transformation I experienced in the last few months coming out the West. I’ll try this again later.

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Grace, I wonder if any of what you are feeling is in relation to the cleanse you are currently doing? You are shifting a lot of that West energy with the changes you have been making. I will be interested in your experience with this meditation again.

      • Grace 5 years ago

        I did this meditation again and felt it much differently than the first attempt. I could feel my recent shifts in the West but they didn’t overwhelm me. The physical body I can now see is the biggest hindrance for me, yet the place where I will have the most gain because it will impact all directions. While looking at the East I could see a key thing I left behind was not finishing my degree in Counseling Psychology with a special interest in creative arts. I remember envisioning myself specializing in Poetry Therapy or Art Therapy. It would have been my second graduate degree, and I started in 2007 but in 2009 my life got very hectic and I lost clarity of what I wanted. The years and hours I needed to achieve seemed daunting as well at middle age. Looking at myself now on the Shamanic path, as a Sacred Heart Warrior, with a gift of writing, and knowing I’m a healer of some sort that has yet to be defined…..I can see how I was drawn to that program, yet maybe it was a premature start for me and/or I wasn’t quite ready, or maybe my healing work is not meant to be secular. In my transformed East I saw lots of blue, turquoise, green, and black along with a desk, computer, and a fish tank. And there’s always a bird of some sort and I feel drawn to feathers. My vision always includes me writing and working alone and I see myself helping others in some capacity. The South was very easy for me and it feels as my heart is very open now and receptive to a sacred relationship. The fears of the past are no longer present and I feel comfortable in the self I bring to the relationship even though she is still evolving. I felt this beam of light going from me to my partner and I just kept saying “I love you”. Also, I felt my partner was tied to my sacred purpose and we would evolve together. There was lots of peace in my heart that I did not have to search for this relationship, and it would find me in the appropriate time and/or lifetime. The North felt safest to me but I’d never experienced it so deeply as in this meditation. I felt God surrounding me and in me and I just cried through the rest of the meditation. All I could feel was Spirit everywhere. The North has always been my go to and I was very unbalanced but during the meditation I could sense lots of balance and moving of the North energy into all the other directions – inner guidance on diet, spirit connection to partner, and patience in waiting for sacred purpose to unfold. As I reflected back on the West I could see how my physical body is the catalyst for all the directions as I must be healthy, fit, clear, well rested, and surrounded by sacred space in order to be balanced in the other areas. I’ve always focused on the North but can see the West is a big area of focus for me. Although the fire in my kitchen led me to limit potatoes (sugar), I sense that the fire may also be connected to the work I need in the West. Enjoyed the meditation.

        • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

          The evolution you have described here and that I have witnessed this past year has been nothing short of inspiring. Coming full circle, I would imagine, feels like coming home to your soul. You have reclaimed so much of your power and from here there is an unlimited potential for you to dip your toes in!

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