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  1. Lorie Nierman 2 years ago

    “Having rigid boundaries is equally detrimental to the soul and to walking an authentic path. When having
    everything tight and controlled, energy expands within your field without any healthy outlets leading to
    the imbalances in the South’s emotional body, or the lack of sacred, connected relationships. With rigid
    boundaries, you are apt to throw your energy into the East/West quadrants—the masculine directions of
    the Medicine Wheel, and avoid the more fluid emotional, feminine, spiritual expressions in life.” pg 28

    This is very much me. I don’t have time for the emotional and I feel weak if I let it overpower me. I don’t know how to change that. It started when I was young and had compassion and empathy for others, and my mother cut it off, telling me I was “better” than that. I changed then, but that is 50+ years ago and I don’t know how to soften my heart. I know it in my head, as I have all through my life, but I cannot move it to my heart. I feel stuck and hope that working through this will help me. I’ve tried before….to no avail or it’s short term

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