1. l.kincaid 2 years ago

    Using this learning alongside the timeline has at times been very difficult for me. I think I have numerous contracts I have to revisit and many areas to forgive. This work has been totally transformative as I look deeply at incidents and situations from an adult perspective and I can actually feel myself getting lighter with every meditation I do. I think Richard’s idea of looking at my contract with my children is so important and one I had not even thought to do. I feel that I have moved so much already, my connection to my guides and ancestors is very strong and the guidance I am being given is so very relevant. Thank you for the obvious hard work that has been put into such phenomenal teachings.

    I am now much kinder to myself and no longer view self care as a luxury but as a vital part of my health and wellbeing .

  2. Richard Hayes 2 years ago

    This has been a powerful set of learnings in the context of relationships. As I shortly move into that 4th category of life stages (even though I feel much younger on the inside!) I can reflect on mistakes made, good choices made and opportunities for soul growth for the future..

    One aspect I am reflecting upon is as a parent, recaiibrating the soul contract as my three children grow into adulthood and independence. Retaining an unconditional love and being ‘alongside’ them but allowing them to experience the full life experience with all the ups and downs involved.

    I have in the past been drawn in emotionally to their life stories particularly when they are having a tough time. I shared their pain.

    Now a move to balancing deep care and compassion AND a knowing that suffering and pain can bring growth to them. And to be a sounding board and cheerleader rather than a rescuer.

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