1. Kaya Cooper 2 years ago

    Very liberating! Thank you.

  2. Carol 2 years ago

    Mara, proud of you.

  3. dminer11 2 years ago

    What I’ve learned is recognizing how far I’ve come through doing this work. I’m still a work in progress . I’m thinking I will always be. There is such liberation in forgiveness and making a conscious decision to no longer be a victim. Also the beauty is being able to witness the changes taking place in the person that hurt me so greatly…. Without me saying one single word to him or doing anything different with him. I only worked on myself by being heart centered, heart open, being love, truly forgiving with my entire being, and letting it all go. It is so liberating to be able to breathe in new life…Not looking to be validated, or right. If you’re right means something has to be wrong. Useless energy. I’m also recognizing how contagious love is. Powerful work.
    Thank you, Dakota.

  4. Mara 2 years ago

    I have learned that coming from my heart space vs. mind allows me to be a witness to my journey and all that contribute to my soul growth (+/-) from a place of openness/unconditional love and forgiveness. Often time I find myself placing my hand on my heart chakra simply to bring me back to this vast/sacred space. I am also in the process of learning to allow my fears to be my teachers & I the student instead of constantly kicking and screaming, running, hiding or denying the lesson(s). I have learned I need to distance myself from certain individuals & let others go. I have leaned that I need to incorporate more laughter, smiles, song, dance, art, music, dance and play back into my life on daily basis for optimum contentment and self exploration/expression! I am excited about this! As much as I like my to-do-lists and goals there is also something to be said about going with the flow, trusting the process, believing I am right where I need to be and having faith that everything will be get done in divine timing. For me I find the more I let go & flow the easier my life becomes! Letting go of resistance … Restraining boxes … cookie cutter lifestyle … endless mind chatter … Unrealistic goals & expectations has set me free!!!!

    • dminer11 2 years ago

      Mara,you expressed that so beutifully.
      My first instinct was, ” yeah, what what Mara said.” However…

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