1. Kaya Cooper 2 years ago

    I kept having anger come out sideways at a few people today. This, as usual was the perfect journey for me. I felt very close to my spirit guides and that calmed and comforted me. I cried quite a few times today and like in the meditation, several times I felt like giving up and throwing in the towel. I haven’t had a day like this in a long time, so I am grateful that I am usually kind and happy. I would love to always be able to deal better with anger when it streams forth! Aho

  2. lisa 2 years ago

    This was a great contemplative meditation. it was a conversation, I spoke out loud, hearing my thoughts, my gut responses. very powerful and formative to the road ahead. I liked how this was thoughtful, not advocation immediate steps— but encouraging the heart and mind space to think through those next steps. I will revisit this one many times— it’s a beautiful invitation to connect.

  3. dminer11 2 years ago

    We are always working on improvements in all areas of life. I’ve been on this path the majority of my mine. I’m content with most of it…and now wondering if that’s a trap of sorts. I’m working on some physical issues. I thought I had the perfect nutritional diet for health and healing…yet I was able to make improvements…to tweek it. Changes don’t have to be big. Even the most subtle changes can lead to the most positive differences in many areas of life. You wouldn’t think diet changes alone could affect meeting new people…yet I’ve met new people. New people coming in…old people leaving and even older friends returning. One change and it’s a total holistic change. To put it another way… I took it around the wheel. It doesn’t really matter what you work on so long as you work on something. Another thing I did was throw out old clothes. I had more clothes for working in the yard, painting, dirty work than I did nice clothing. It occurred to me as I was holding my favorite sweatshirt…that was beyond torn….but it was purple and soft and cuddly and oh so comfortable. I asked myself why would I want to wear something that in essence is broken if I’m working on healing challenges within my own body. Why would I want to support the brokenness. I thanked my sweatshirt for serving me well since 1996 and sent it on way. It was time to move on. Such a lesson…such a metaphor. Aho

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