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  1. Raven Blakely 2 years ago

    Very powerful journey! It took me back to a relative of mine that was a Viking, and it took me back to a spot that happened in my ancestry for guilt and loathing of self and I’ve asked to be healed, and so I took it into my heart and then I was joined by the Egyptian goddess Hathor and we stirred the pot until all the guilt was gone And I kept stirring until I was at peace,And I was very surprised to see Hathor there because she wasn’t one of the goddesses that I invited in, Although I have done work with her in the past, but then the Morrigan reminded me all the goddesses are one Goddess, And I realized that one of the main things that needs to be healed is all the guilt that we hold in our bloodlines, I am so grateful for this journey and this healing… Thank you so much

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