1. Amy 3 years ago

    I’m inspired to write after listening to the live call which discussed consciousness. Originally I had a difficult time sorting through beliefs, mainly because a few years ago I had intensive therapy where I did a lot of that work – reassessed and rewrote faulty beliefs from my childhood followed by working on dropping the story line (thanks Pema Chodron). There are two though that I’ve surround myself with
    1. I’m meant to be with difficult people. I’ve always assumed since I’m easy going and malleable that I’m suppose to be around difficult people who required a lot of patience. This was my childhood having to be very adaptable to other people who required a lot. As an adult I worked with behavior kids (social and emotional disabilities), my bosses at my other job are natoriously difficult to work for. my boyfriend requires a lot of patience. All these people require tip toeing around, not wanting to upset anyone, having to do small manipulations to get certain needs met because conversations are difficult. A lot of “reading” their emotions And gauging how to act. Holding back. I’m appreciated and valued but I am surrounded by very difficult people at home and at work.
    2. Although my needs are met and I love a semi comfortable life, I have succumbed to the “fact” that I will carry a large amount of debt with me that I dont think I’ll ever be free of.

    On a similar note – I’m having this clash of values/worth. I’m meant to be doing something more than what I’m currently doing, I’m meant to make more, I’m not living up to My potential – not giving what I have to offer. Yet I just can’t figure out what that is :/ so I’m living an underrated life.

  2. Elizabeth 3 years ago

    I dont know if the earth is flat or round my biggest question is are we on earth. As a little girl I always wonder are we for real or are we someone’s Barbie doll or someone’s dream . As the years go by the stronger I feel this. Just think about it. Your living in your own universe. You don’t know what other people are thinking,or doing when they are out side your sight. You don’t know anything about your lover. Everyone can have the same experience and yet everyone has a different way they experienced it. So my biggest question I’m trying to get answered is who am I , what am I. The deeper I dig the more uncertainty I get .

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 3 years ago

      It is a big ball of tangled up yarn that we are trying to unravel and understand, isn’t it?

  3. Sabine 3 years ago

    Interesting to read everyone’s comments. As I too trust there is more to the question than it’s ‘simplicity’. I do not BELIEVE the earth is round nor flat… I accept it is round because that’s the state of today’s knowledge (pictures from satellites and astronauts/scientists who tell us it is so.) But maybe technology will improve and tells us some day that it has another shape all together. And actually, in French we say it’s ‘oval’, more like an egg shape not really pure round 🙂

  4. cliftonls 3 years ago

    I believe round. Why? Because the sun i look at is round & the moon i gaze upon us round. All the planet’s seen through the telescope is round. So therefore I believe the earth is round.

  5. Julie 3 years ago

    I also say round. You can see it from an airplane, and I believe scientists. Also, if it were truly flat, that would mean the edges or ends do…what? Drift into nothingness? Become outer space? Fall into oceans filled with paintings of dragons and labeled “Here be monsters” as you can still see on very old maps?

    That said, I think the intent of the question about round vs. flat and questioning our own beliefs and where we get them from is extremely valid. I quite enjoyed this packet, and it’s given me good things to still ponder. In terms of my other beliefs, that is. Not gonna be shaken from the knowledge that the world is round.

  6. jimalex 3 years ago

    That almost seems like a silly question, but upon serious consideration, I must concur that the earth is indeed round. Although, if I had never been in an airplane, never seen television, and had lived in the same place for all of my life, then I might perceive it as being flat. Bounded by my ability to walk, and never going far enough to circle back to my starting point.

  7. Carol 3 years ago

    The earth is round.

  8. Paula Daisy Medicine Flower 3 years ago

    Well, I have a friend who does astral flying. He says he has been out in space, looking back, and it is round. I will believe him. 😉

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