1. Cindy Yellow Butterfly 3 years ago

    I am currently here! In the liminal space. I got laid off last week. I know that I had my own part in manifesting this transition and co-creating this change in my life. Now it is here. It is a scary place to be, which brings me to the place of digging deep into the discovery of WHO I AM. I know certain truths, they come to me in the meditations, I also know that I need to strengthen the muscle of self-worth, self reliance, worthiness and confidence in WHO I AM. In this time of the end of one season and the transition to another I connect with that longing for the release from the depths of the deep snows of winter to the rebirth and rejuvenation of spring. The messages from spirit are clear.. I am supported in this transition… believe.. pray… trust.. It is still scary that is my truth. I own that piece. So grateful to have this work in front of me (there are definitely NO coincidences on this path). Aho!

  2. Cindy Yellow Butterfly 3 years ago

    I find myself in this space right now. I know that I have had a part in the co-creation and manifestation of this space I now find myself in. It is raw! It is messy and it is very scary. I know that I have the tools right in front of me to walk the path that is in front of me to guide me through this life transition. Right now I am looking to find my breath, find my truth, find my soul and connect to spirit fully to discover the next transition. Gratitude for this community and you Dakota, I do believe spirit has brought this connection forward at the right time in this space my life is now in.

  3. Hanna Isaksson 3 years ago

    I think I been in that place many times. During this two last years I have learned it’s a phase that will lead me into something new. Nevertheless it’s a painful place to be in and usually means that I have to work through something I don’t want to deal with in my life. It’s like getting pushed over the edge and then I have to crawl back up again. Not knowing in the beginning where to go. I been in this space the last 2 months. Things are getting a little bit more clear, but I have had to do a lot of work and healing and it’s still ongoing. I know it will be better, I just have to keep working. But sometimes I just wish I would have a longer period of happiness. I been working with myself on a daily basis for 7-8 years now. Things are definitely getting better in so many ways. But sometimes I just feel like I deserve to touch that goal of mine. It’s just getting more and more difficult to keep up the hope.

  4. lisa 3 years ago

    I think I have found that place of openness to the space, the uncertainty, the quiet observation, shedding of a lot of useless limiting thoughts. it wasn’t always here, it was a wrestling match. Allowing for the present to be unstructured an open- not easy for eastie-westies. Really allowing space in the moment to not know or control or think through, just observe. Practicing Yoga has really helped me draw in and quiet the mind. Liminal cross training.

  5. Mara 3 years ago

    I am in that very space right now. I am scared, frustrated, lonely, sad, anxious & depressed. I cry a lot. Highly fatigued. Feel like my life is spinning out of control. I just want to run away and hide. It’s hard to concentrate … Just can’t seem to focus. I feel completely misunderstood, alone & empty. I am beyond exhausted. I feel like my guides are distant. Dark days for sure. Ugh! I am just sitting in this cluster of shit filled emotions … Riding it out … Not taking any shortcuts. Praying and intending for courage/strength. Trying to stay in the moment, but this is not an easy task. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually I am being pushed to my max. I can’t stand being like this, but I know it is a process. I am uncomfortable in my own skin. This too shall pass …..

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 3 years ago

      That place of liminal space is so unbearable at times, and exhausting. I am really seeing your strength in your willingness to go through it and not around it. There is another side to all this, you will land there. I trust that. Thank you for being so honest.

  6. Elizabeth 3 years ago

    Dakota WOW your rawness you have shown us is unbelievable. Thank you for that❤️ I needed to hear this. I know and understand my path I’ve been on for sometime. You told me that with out facing my path I will not learn. I now understand. I have a ways yet on this path. The loneliness the uncertainty,I wanted to take that shortcut but I will not. I will not get a dog after I find a calmer path but I now know I will be a mush stronger person. Thank you for being my teacher my friend.

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 3 years ago

      Thank you for this Elizabeth. And yes, you will be much stronger after having gone through all of this. I’m so honored to watch you walk this path!

  7. cliftonls 3 years ago

    I felt as if time had stopped & I was walking blindfolded! There was no way out & no one could see this but me. I wanted to run away but I felt as if I had no where to run too. I was trapped!

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 3 years ago

      Linda, was this during the meditation? My question to you might be if you took away the sense of sight – what were the feelings and emotions that emerged? And what about those emotions are you most frightened to go into blindly?

  8. Carol 3 years ago

    Liminal space as I understand it, is the loneliest place on the planet. I felt lost, confused, frustrated and very alone. But now I am so grateful for having being stuck there because it gave me the courage and strength to rebuild my life and find my way to Dakota’s door to learn about the path I now find myself walking.

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 3 years ago

      Carol, it is pretty lonely and confusing in liminal space or can be. Once you really understand that space though, you can walk through it with a new sense of experiencing it and it can become more of an adventure. Sounds like you are getting to that place of seeing it differently, as an ally and not a dark spot. So proud of you my friend!

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