1. Michelle 2 years ago

    What a wonderful way to finish off a truly crappy day. This is just what my mind, body, and soul needed tonight. Journeying through the chakras, I danced crying around a red fire and could feel my root chakra opening. Think it has been closed for quite some time. Then felt like screaming with the sacral chakra music as I stirred a cauldron. My body quivered and shook as I held onto a reverberating bell in a bell tower. I think I can still feel the power of that bell. Moving through the heart chakra, I layed upon green grass and then rolled down a grassy hill, my body laughing with love for my inner child who was happy and having fun. I wanted to gargle and clear my throat in salty blue ocean water, and then swam with fish in the depths of the unknown and mystery of the third eye. This was peaceful and I could relax. And then the tears came flowing uncontrollably as soon as the music started playing for the crown chakra. I felt the energy in my body change and vibrate. And yes I could feel my guides all around me, and twinkling stars. But the best part was the crimson mist. This crimson mist is where my missing soul pieces are, just waiting to be collected when it is safe to do so. This is where I saw them in the North direction last year, and they are still there waiting, protected with love in that crimson mist. Sorry this is so long but I don’t know anyone else who would appreciate or even understand how awesome it is to be reunited, even if only briefly with their missing soul pieces and know they are not lost forever. It is also funny that this afternoon in the hardware shop I was looking at paint colour cards for no special reason, and I brought home a card called “crimson belle” that I had been drawn to and kept picking up. It was a colour used to paint a bright front door. The two pieces of music that had the most effect on me included a bell and the colour crimson. Maybe my power does really lie in my crown chakra. I love synchronicity, and can now also imagine where that bright colourful door may lead. Thank you Dakota for both the beautiful music and the happy heartfelt tears.

  2. Megan 2 years ago

    An amazing week of getting to know myself. This meditation and work triggered a whole new phase of deeper understanding and for the first time a connection within me that “I am alive” which is equal to abundance and bliss. Thank you Dakota. This is life changing.. Your meditations and carefully structured work are unbelievable. You have gifted yourself to us all. Words cannot express the gratitude.

  3. Mara 2 years ago

    I really liked this meditation as well. Effective! Powerful!

  4. dminer11 2 years ago

    My most favorite meditation in the year I have been traveling the wheel. The music was nourishment like a Thanksgiving feast.
    Thank you.

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