1. Raven Blakely 2 years ago

    Went way back, to a time before time, the Morrigan took my hand and helped me remember that I have always been a priestess, a priestess to the winged ones, to the element of air, a priestess to Nekbet and a priestess for Isis a follower oh the Morrigan and a partner to my Dragon, air is my element this lifetime, during this journey the Morrigan gave me an Athame to cut through all of that is not real and true and to let go of all thoughts that are not pure and beautiful to let go of gossip and to let go of worry she told me that through time thoughts have been villianized and polluted And thereby polluting the element of air, and not to do that in my own life not to gossip and not to worry and keep my thoughts beautiful and pure and whole and to be a priestess to the sacred feminine, she reminded me that all goddesses are one goddess and they all live in my heart, It was a very very powerful journey, at one point I was flying and I was a phoenix with all the other witch phoenixes that had been burned at the stake and we were all free and we were all blessing the whole planet in the hall of life

  2. Laura Christy 2 years ago

    This has been a painful and blessed experience. My ego questioned at times that possibly the pain was so great, that beginning in the west direction was not in my greatest good. Although I’m seeing that my heart cried for protection, boundaries..strength and courage to heal what binds me. A safe space to heal. The symbol of the Fainne Chladaigh, the Claddagh ring was symbolized, in most of my meditations, minds eye. I’m understanding my past more and more. Making sense of why my heart and soul has such deep compassion, conviction…. how deeply I have been hurt and hurt myself. I witnessed heart of the claddagh ring broken over and over again, rings released. Saw moments of restoration of heart, with release and the most peaceful euphoric lightness that I’ve ever experienced. The deepest feelings of great gratitude compassion that makes me cry from deep inside. It’s really hard to put in words. I’m facing fears that I ran from, piled resentments upon… I’m seeing how moving through them, honoring them, honoring my heart, my feelings, my thoughts, my life…holding fear and asking it what it has to teach me, instead of retaliation. Understanding my convictions, understanding why I do what I do or react to the world and self. Surrender. To be still and not push and pull. Let go, let be, let God. Great great Love. Celebrating Samhain for the first time, honoring and allowing my ancestors, those that have passed on, in with protection and boundaries has lead to me to greater understanding of my own heart. My connection to my heritage, where I came from and opening with renewed affection to Irish Scottish ancestory and more. The magic I adored as a child, the magic of life, the twinkle in my eye. I am grateful.

    • Laura Christy 2 years ago

      Awwww…I’m piecing more together. More of how the Claddagh ring speaks to me, and has spoken to me. I’m seeing how the “crown” was not attached to my heart and body. Connection here was very Broken!! Convictions of the heart were broken, not honored over and over in atleast this lifetime. I’m reminded of the song, “Convictions of the Heart” by Kenny Loggins. In this lifetime my test of Loyalty has been forefront. In my meditation,minds eye, I kept seeing feet with different shoes on, slipping in and out of different ones. Now I’m seeing my bare feet on the ground. Barefoot on Holy, sacred ground. I’m reflecting on all the “battles” in my life, living my Convictions of the heart and not living my Convictions of the heart. Painful,lonely many o times. I have self sabotaged and that is when I really was hurting and lost. “Make something my own” Dakota said. Not living under these umbrellas that dont serve me or others. Step into Laurie, Be Laurie. It’s really the only way!! I am grateful. Thanks for reading…smile.

  3. Paula Daisy 2 years ago

    Questions: (and Im certain I’ll have more.)

    1) How do you discover how ancestors died? I’m amazed at the depth of information some people are discovering. I’m not sure how, the process. I’m thinking of asking Sherry to help.

    2) Meeting past ancestors & one’s own past lives in waking & dreams. I’m at a loss here. These stories fascinate me but I’m not sure how to get to this space, tease up this information.

    3) Seeing, hearing, perceiving spirits, ghosts, etc. Yes, I want to learn this. Tips please.

    Making herbal teas & storing dried herb mixes: keep your soft plant materials (leaves, flowers, soft stems, etc.) in separate jars from the hard plant parts (bark, root, berries) and infuse them properly to get the best Plant Spirit Medicine from your plants of choice OR they chose you!

    Steeping infusion preparation will be in a reply to this comment.

    • Paula Daisy 2 years ago

      Making Infusions: Boil water. Measure leaf and flower herbs while water is heating. Use approximately 1 rounded teaspoon of dried herbs per 8 oz. cup of water. To make a stronger medicinal infusion, use more herbs. When water is boiling, shut off and add dried herbs. Cover pot and let steep for at least 20 minutes. I make medicinal infusions at night so I can let the infusion steep, covered, overnight to make a deeply infused and strong medicinal tea. In the AM, strain and bottle.

      If making infusions with seeds, roots, or barks (this is actually called a decoction): chop pieces as small as you can (roots & bark, seeds stay whole or you can gently crush). When water is boiling, reduce heat to very gentle simmer. Add herb pieces, cover, and simmer very gently for 15-20 minutes. Again, I let the infusion steep, covered, overnight to make the strongest medicinal infusion I can. I then strain and bottle in the AM. Do not let this boil as it ruins the medicinal properties and nutrients in the herbal infused medicine.

      When using these hard parts of herbs it is a minimum of 1 tsp. per cup of water. I generally use a well rounded tsp. per cup of water.

      If you are making mixed infusions with hard parts that need to simmer and the leaves & flowers that do not need simmering: simmer the hard parts first. Turn off heat. Add leaves / flowers and let steep, covered, overnight. Strain in the AM.

      If making the infusion for bedtime dream time: allow to infuse for 30 minutes covered. Strain & gently reheat if necessary.

  4. Paula Daisy 2 years ago

    Reinforces what I’ve been living & practicing for 30+ years.

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