1. Elizabeth 3 years ago

    I’m now finished a breathwork meditation.Powerful. I’m in so mush peace and harmony.
    I ask my guides to show me the way. They did.
    A ways into the breathwork things began to happen. I saw a membrane and of course I went through it. I entered the middle world. I remember saying to my self it’s good I have my guides with me for protection. Well unbelievable. Colors of blue green orange . Everything was dancing. Mountains trees there was fees. Animals just dancing. Carol I was so surprised I think I was on the back of a dragon, could it be one of yours .Then I started to howl as a wolf. Just kept on howling.. Saw the membrane and went through it again. There was fire colors again unbelievable. The Phoenix coming out of the fire. Flying and it’s long tail just flickering. Then came a big sea of dark blue green water. Diving deep into it. Time after time up then down. Remembering me this is home. I will once again return here. The last part sitting with my guides with everything in the universe. Colors again so pretty. The heaven melted with earth. We are one. All I have to say now is what a experience :heart:

  2. cliftonls 3 years ago

    Wow! This journey was so intense for me. The music took me to many different places: a nunnery, to a goddess chamber as the scared smoke filled her. A trip into outer space. My spirit flying in space with the Divine !
    To singing & tears falling ! Even dancing ! lots in beautiful colors, dropping all around me.
    I had to do this during daytime . I do want to do it in total darkness.

  3. Mara 3 years ago

    This journey was interesting! I felt a lot of physical sensations … From being cold to hot … Tingling in my extremities … At one point my thighs felt like lead weights and I felt as if I could not move (temporary) and I felt “work” being done on the bottom of my feet at two separate times. I saw flashes of things vs. a long story line. Lots of it symbolic in nature and I have yet to figure it all out. I saw a pyramid and an Egyptian God … a Teepee and a Native American …. Over all there was a lot of dancing and moving/shifting of energy. I feel like this journey was more of a healing then anything. I really enjoyed it. I liked drawing after and felt totally guided doing it. I look forward to doing another one!

  4. Valerie 3 years ago

    This was amazing, working and playing with al the elements, chapechifted into a whale, dolpin, eagle and bear. Cleansed by the see, cleared by flying in the sky. So many things ive seen and experienced. In the end al of my guides showed up , we sat in a circle and connected deep. I feel so happy and energized with this meditation. And i loved the music, Lissa Gerard and others i didn’t know. I would love to know the names of the songs if that is okay, because this kind of music is the music i love painting with. Thank you so much Dakota

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