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  1. Paula Daisy 2 years ago

    Dakota’s words from weekly download:
    “ The Universe also works on a much different timeline than we do. We can be impatient beings and have pretty determined ways we want to see things delivered and by what date. Trusting the process and getting out of the way is the surest way to make room for our desires to come forward.”

    True words. 24 years ago, when I wanted to leave Syracuse City School District & return home to the ADK Mountains, I simply threw that far out to the universe and let it go. Two months later a coworker in my city high school came back from a week vacation and let me know she saw a newspaper ad for a Heath Ed Teacher in my area of Northern NY.

    I honestly never even looked for a job. She just dropped it in my lap. I applied, was interviewed, and offered the job with an ease that honestly seemed insane.

    Here I am, 24 years later and being reminded to create an intention, do not cling to outcomes or even the intention, and let the Universe provide.

    I’m manifesting again. ; )

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