1. Paula Daisy 2 years ago

    From a friend recently:

    “May You attract someone who speaks and hears your language so you do not have to spend a lifetime translating your Soul.”

    • Paula Daisy 2 years ago

      Thank for this lesson Dakota. I’m putting it into action, little by little, and the impacts are huge. Grateful.

  2. DaQua 2 years ago

    This is a beautiful lesson. It is not unfamiliar to me in my professional life – that really is an expression of my Sacred Purpose ( I recognise that now) . However, whilst living in Alice Springs I attended Sacred Fire community fires for both women and mixed. The authenticity of presence and heart centred listening and reflection is a powerful experience. I have attended fires in Wales also and these really are (in my experience) places of true community in the moment. This lesson so reminds me of those experiences of listening with compassion and seeing the reflection in the mirrors held up by the stories of others. Not a place to fix or advise but a place of ceremony and ritual and heart centred purpose & simple being. This lesson has really validated my understanding and experiences both professionally and personally. You have brought a deeper understanding of the transformative energises at play here – thank you.

  3. Carol 2 years ago

    I get very frustrated when I forget what I either am saying or want to say. I am grateful to Dakota for doing this class as an audio lesson, it made me listen and take things in and despite the tears trickling down my face, I realised that I know what it’s like to be in a heart centred space, because we all bring a piece of that to the table. I have felt joy welling up inside me when I do something that make people happy. When I feel down I tend to forget these beautiful things that I have been able to feel and I need to find a way to remember. Thank you for listening. Aho

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