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  1. Laura Christy 2 years ago

    I feel incredibly calm. Everything is going to be ok. I am loved. Serene. Soft. I was deeply drawn to a washed up green bottle on the beach…I can picture it exactly… like the length of small coke bottle but fatter in width, almost like a vase. Its texture is braille like, it has a number letter code stamped on the neck. Most beautiful green color, very drawn to it. I picked a white tiger lily, it has brown stripe markings inside. I shed some tears , feelings of love, gratitude for depth of love and to be able to feel so deep and feel great gratitude. I had thoughts of so many times I couldn’t feel this depth of gratitude, thankfulness of beauty of life. I saw a beautiful orange koi fish that came with me from river. Calm, brilliant coloring, alive, swimming unassumingly, quiet, radiating beauty, glistening. Water was so very clearing, light, refreshing, brilliant, cool, cleansing. I kept dipping my head and hair back into it. The great strength of the mountain reminded me that it had always been there. Reminding me of so many backpack camping trips in Colorado. Liveliness of life and all it holds. Cherish what life has given me. So many grand encounters, adventures. Connection. The mighty, strong, sturdiness, calmness, quiet strength and being of the pine tree, timeless, feel it’s cool moist bark. I was given a pine cone. Thank you for this precious gift of you! Meaningful, thoughtful. Your gifts you bear. You have many stories and want to talk and connect so deeply. I love you. The whole experience envelopes me, holds me and I feel love. I believe more be will be revealed. The bottle holds the flower. The koi fish swims in a waterfall fountain of blue green water. I envision the amethyst made into a gorgeous sparkling royal ring, I think to be given to the one I love. To be continued… I am leaving my sacred gifts and items right there on the alter. Thank you Dakota for beautiful meditation.

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