1. Karen Cooper 3 years ago

    This was a surreal journey for me. Much of it makes no sense on this plane except the overwhelming love and peace. Sharing most of it would leave me feeling naked in public. Thank you so much Dakota! Aho

  2. Autumn 5 years ago

    Soul Book I Tonight I journey to the Akashic records to my soul book. I had set the intention on why it is so hard for me to feel that I belong in a group, at work. Even with my own friends, I keep people at a distance. My intention was to learn about why this behavior existed within myself. I walked down the path, which started out as dirt, and then became a very green forest with magical trees covered in moss. I continued walking the path being very aware of my groundedness with the earthy mother. I walked past many large ferns and everything was so beautifully green. I then bathed in a pool of water with flowers surrounding it. I dove and played in the water. When I emerged from the water, I had long blond hair and arm cuffs on the upper part of each arm. I walked through the forest to these beautifully carved doors. They were rounded at the top and made of cherry. They had wrought iron hinges and runes carved around the edges. They were inlayed with beautiful stained glass and carved with swirls up to the stained glass. I entered through the door and Brean my guide was there. His face is always covered with a hood. He is Celtic, I think. Anyway, he escorted me to my soul book. It was beautiful red leather with tooling. It had jewels encrusted in it and a circle with wings to the sides and then a woman’s figure below it. It had a leather wrap that locked it. My touch unlocked it. I asked why it was that I had such a hard time fitting into groups and feeling as if I did not belong. I was shown a picture of myself with long blonde hair wearing a crown and riding a horse. This was page 519. I saw myself communicating with animals and benefitting the people in the kingdom. I advocated for people and tried to make their lives better. I thought of them as my friends and to me there was no class difference. I worked with herbs and just helped other people. But the people that I was close to became tainted by and outside voice and they thought that I was bad. They joined together and had me killed. Some of them were jealous of me. I watched as a hooded man slit my throat. They buried me in the dirt but before they killed me, they began killing all the animals that I talked with. I then asked my guide if there were any other incidents like this in the records. The page turned to 242 I think. There I was a woman, who was dirty and lived in the woods. People came to me to help them, but when a child died that I could not help, they blamed me and I think killed me. I am uncertain because at that point it was time to come back. I closed the book, handed it to Brean. Stepped out through the doors, journeyed along the path feeling very grounded and grateful for the information that I learned on this journey.

    And so it is….

  3. April Doyle 5 years ago

    Wow! What a neat journey! I was able to visualize almost the whole way – feeling my feet on Mother Earth, the clear water & washing in it, the waterfall, the door. My door was one I want on my cabin – it’s an archway, with square glass pieces all along the edge and a tree etched into the rest of the wooden door. It’s heavy, but has a lightness to it. My guardian is Angel Michael/my Norse warrior – one and the same? The book is very large, with an etched wooden cover with light shining through the middle, the pages are heavy homemade paper. There is weight to it, but not as heavy as it “should” be. As I flip to the pages I believe hold the answer to my question, it opens up to bright light. I sense/see all of my guardian spirits/angels in front of me. It is so bright I cannot see what is written on the page. I have a knowing. When I was burned at the stake, did I not run fast enough? What did I need to learn? “You are always connected to spirit.” I am afraid of speaking my truth and going against the crowd, Should I not speak up? “Take a deep breathe and connect to source & your guides. Take as long as you need, people will not notice or will respect your need to respond wisely.” What about the group of people who have been apart of my growth/growing up and who then turn into those who burn me at the stake? “You are not meant to conform to any group. You are a lone spirit sage and you are never alone. You have your close special friends of the spirit who are your confidants. Have no fear, you are always connected to source. Listen to your body sensations, spirit guides & knowing. You are strong and powerful.”

  4. Autumn 5 years ago

    Soul Book II
    I journeyed through the woods in a forest with ferns and beautiful mossy trees. There was a big mossy oak and I continued to walk until I reached this pool of emerald blue water. There was a waterfall cascading down the side of the mountain. I looked down and could see sand. I reached down and picked up a large clear quartz crystal. I emerged from the water and I was a man with jet-black hair. I was wearing gold shoulder armor and a gold skirt looking thing. I walked connecting in with the earthy mother and as I noticed my feet they were a man’s feet. My skin was olive in color. I journey toward the soul book door and it was different this time. It was large rectangular and gold. It had engravings on the door and above the door was a clear sphere that looked like the moon. I entered into the door and was met by a face, which made me think I was with the rainbow light spirit as she is not a solid figure but instead made up of colored particles. I continued to see a face of a woman, who was happy and had rounded face and black hair. We retrieved my soul book. It looked different in some ways then the last journey. It was still red leather with jewels and the same closure but this time it had a dragon on the front of it. Each page had gold on the edges. I opened the book to page 662. It was here that the answer to my intention that I set was played our before me. I had asked about why I had such a hard time accepting the decrease salary and the decrease insurance benefits at my new job. I have been holding onto this. It has been hard for me, or should I say my ego as I took a large salary cut to have time with my husband and less stress to heal my body. With this change, I am more aware of my issues with abundance. So I had set the intention to have insight into this change and why I was having such a hard time accepting this. I got my answer loud and clear, it is my last remnants of ego trying to hold on to my status, my position, my self importance which I l had let myself believe had to do with the amount of my income. I was told that I am so very abundant and I can manifest whatever I need or want, but this is holding me back. The man that I was, placed a huge ruby looking stone at my root chakra, and then swirled white light around in my other chakras. He then worked on my energetic body. It seemed as though he took something out of me. When the issue of if I was working the right job surfaced, I reflected upon the benefitting of others that I do each day. How that I will continue to benefit others in my work now, and when I want to do something different, I will benefit others somewhere else. I helped with putting back the book. Thanked my guide, opened the door and journeyed down the path. I looked at my feet and I was still a man so I went back to the pool of water, submerged myself in it and when I came out of the water, I was myself again. I then walked down the path by the ferns and the mossy oak. I then came out of the journey and felt very grateful. And so it is….

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Beautiful journey! It’s curious and interesting to me that you speak of a lack of abundance, or your issues surrounding this and yet there was so much “gold” in your journey. gold shoulder armor, gold skirt, the soul book was gold, gold on the edges of the paper … seems they were trying to show you how rich you are! 😉

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