1. Julia Greenbaum 1 year ago

    Where is the article that goes with this meditation?

  2. Kaya Cooper 3 years ago

    There are no words to thank you…Aho!

  3. Autumn 5 years ago

    My wormhole was a hole in the wall where we are renovating the kitchen. In the first journey I was a woman in England, I was staring at a beautiful Emerald necklace in the window of a store. I just kept standing there staring then you told me to make conversation so I went in the shop to talk to the owner who knew me about purchasing the necklace. The second journey I did not connect with the monks but instead saw a city with sick people from the plaque. I saw a woman in an upstairs window whose heart center was glowing golden. I knew that she was helping the sick people. The next journey, you said “Salem” and I started hearing people screaming at me “WITCH, WITCH”, I felt as if my head was covered and I told myself that regardless of the situation I would not loose my power. I knew that my body was only a vehicle for spirit. I experience creepy crawly feelings up my body. The next journey I saw Jesus. I knew him and had this golden orb heart connection with him. He told me not to cry when I witnessed what they were doing to him as body was only temporary and his spirit was infinite. I saw my golden orb in my heart connecting to his golden orb in his heart several times. I literally cried during this journey. I saw myself wiping his wounds after they brought him down from the cross. With Mother Teresa I saw her laying hands on sick people. I came up to her and hugged her and the golden orbs in our hearts connected. On the slave ship, I witnessed the events and told people you will reclaim your power. But then as the ship began to sink I had a visceral experience as if I had been on a sinking ship. I anchored in Love, as people were fearful and dying. Christopher Columbus, I was a witness and really did not want to have anything to do with that. At little big horn I think I was a witness and saw a Lakota Sioux woman. The ghost dance kept popping in my head. I think I was a witness to the Anasazi, although I thought I was in Chaco Canyon. I saw pottery and grains. I saw a ladder going down. into a kiva. When I listened to Dr. Martin Luther King, I was a witness but I Loved hearing his words. When I went to visit my 80-year-old self, I was told not worry. I just needed to be. Everything I need is provided for and much more so that I can help others. I was told to enjoy every precious moment of life with Frank and with being in the now. I had a lot to give this world. I was told I may be ostracized but it did not matter.

  4. Carol Sloan 5 years ago

    I enjoyed doing this meditation. It gave me plenty of food for thought. Nothing of note in the first two time tones but when I arrived in Salem 1692 my senses sat up and took notice, my stump glued itself to my good leg and things started to get interesting. Watching Jesus hang, was hard, I felt a lot of sadness. I felt comfortable in Mother Theresa’s presence. As soon as I came through the next wormhole all I could think of was my waking dream, is there a connection? When I was on Columbus’s boat I didn’t feel scared, I felt excited. Little Bighorn I felt at home, I had a purpose, family. Martin Luther Jr stirred up a lot of passion, hope. The Anasazi tribe not so much passion. Me at 80???

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