1. Lee-Ann 5 years ago

    Wow, what a way to wake up at 6AM in the morning. My journey was very unexpected on this one. I became one with the drumming and was air drumming. Then I handed the drum to one of my guides and started dancing with my wolf. While dancing with my animal, I could see smoke / energy all around me. I feel very alive and peaceful at the moment. I am grateful for the mentorship; I am grateful for this tribe!

  2. Heather Thomas 5 years ago

    That was different, beautiful felt a lot of release between the solar plexus and heart, working on an open heart. Thanks, I am grateful for you.

  3. Valerie 5 years ago

    This was a very powerful meditation. In the lower world I was waited by many earth spirits. i also saw the tree of life, glowing energie into its branches going up and deep below into the roots. many earth spirits and animals came to me and watched me in the eyes. I felth my third eye glowing. After al the greeting my guides came to me . I asked them for protection.My power animal and spirit guides took my hands and I had to go trough a lake , naked. In the lake I felth like my body melted with the lake. On the shore I could hear the leafs and branches snap like someone was watching me.When I came on the other side there was a door trough a cave, at the end there was a fire so I walked into the fire. I felt the warmt and when I was burned my ashes flew over the land, falling down on the earth, a beam of sunlight came down and I started to grow. Inside I felt a birth in the dark with stars shooting forward. Then I was in Some sort of trance for a minute I think and remember nothing. Then I heard your voice and I came back out of the trance, finding my way back into this space and time.

  4. April Doyle 5 years ago

    <3 <3 <3 You found my friend Nimo's recording of "Grateful" LOVE <3 <3 <3 (hmmm… I MIGHT have given that album to you! Either way, YAYYY!!!) <3 Empty Hands Music/Nimo has toured the DC area the past couple of years & I always make sure to see or organize his gatherings at least once. Such a blessing to know him! <3 <3 <3 I got so excited about the music, I couldn't listen to the rest of why we were doing this meditation! lol…. yes, gratitude… All I came away with was stuff going on in my brain/head area – different sensations & needing to be more adamant about whether or not I see clearly the next time I go to the eye doctor – I always come out with glasses that I can't see as clear as I think I should & the Dr always says it's the right prescription…. how does he know? Is he seeing out of my eye balls??? There must be something behind all this…. – boundaries & stepping into my power, for sure.

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