1. Jesse Hutchens 2 years ago

    At first I really did not want to do this meditation, that part of me that hesitateson things I need to do at least. I’ve been doing really well with practice and growth and this week ended in a big slip. So I am reeling from that. But the better part of me said: do it. So I did. I cleared out so much stuck energy! Superficial stuff that blocks me from my path. Then landing in the heart space I get back to my cool, green, in touch and in love flow. Ah a heart all stoney and edgy to one at more ease, more peace, a grittiness and deepening to continue my personal vows and practice. Thank you!

  2. Kaya Cooper 3 years ago

    Wonderful! I forgave my parents, my ex girlfriend and two other former friends. I had never completely forgiven them before. What a relief! Thank you for the healing Dakota.

  3. Jackie Derham 4 years ago

    Wow! I am so happy I found Dakota I just love your meditations. I have found my purpose. I started by going around my property doing protection and clearing. I then saw where I was going to put a few cabins and facilities, I saw the sanctuary with horses, donkeys and pigs. I saw where to put my medicine wheel and fire pit. I then saw a festival taking place with lots of people camping and there was dancing, drumming and meditations/journeying, and social gatherings, such a happy vibe. I saw people coming forward to help me with this. I sent out for money to come in to help with this venture. I have my direction. Whooo! ❤️

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