1. Terri Lundquist 4 years ago

    Difficult one for me. I felt how easy it was to call up the pain and yet couldn’t sense a time when my heart was blown open in joy. So sad. I have closed down my heart and stood a step, or a football field, back from allowing feelings in, allowing them to flow through me in their fullest expression for so long that I’m afraid I’ve forgotten how to open completely. I am dreading the South direction! But, back to this meditation, staying with the pain and meeting with it was a beautiful experience. It allowed me to feel real love and gratitude for those in my life who I, clearly, loved enough to feel that much pain with. I can love deeply. And it allowed me a safe space to hold and forgive those I love so deeply—one of whom is Me. Yes, I showed up as a teacher in having my heart blown open in pain. There were things I needed to forgive myself for, acknowledging my role in painful moments of my life. For this I am grateful. For all of these painful passages and heart opening experiences, I am grateful.

  2. Joy Little Mountain Richards 4 years ago

    Beautiful, I got lost in the music and even painful memories I saw the gifts in them. Deep gratitude Aho

  3. Hana Cechova 5 years ago

    This meditation was very strong for me. It threw me back to my early teens filled with deep despair, crying almost every night for couple of years and struggling with suicidal thoughts. I started to feel such a huge physical pain on my heart that I had troubles breathing and my left hand went weak. I saw my heart tightly tied up with very thick and strong leather belt and I couldn´t find the slightest chink to get in or untighten that belt. It was paralyzing so I just allowed myself to cry during this meditation trying to breathe through. I could somehow sense and feel the beautiful light and compassionate energy inside of my heart, but I couldn´t get there. It was interesting that at the end I received a very clear message that I would be healed once my heart is open. I feel there is still a strong part in me that is very scared to let go and actually doesn´t know how to let go… It will be interesting to try this meditation again after some more soulwork.

  4. Grace 5 years ago

    This was such a beautiful experience. At first it seemed odd, but once I climbed into my heart I didn’t want to come out. I will repeat this frequntly. Feels like it really resonates with my sacred purpose.

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