1. Lee-Ann 5 years ago

    This is one of my favorite meditations. Every time is so different and freeing. Today, my sacral was impacted and I feel like most everything that was released came from my sacral. I struggle with the breathe on this one. I think I sometimes just stop breathing. I had a wolf come through today. I don’t usually have visuals. Today, I had some and it is the 2nd time in a week I have had visuals that include a wolf. I normally associate the wolf with another person, so I need to figure out how this wolf is different and is for me. Aho.

  2. Heather Thomas 5 years ago

    I went my familiar circle of stones and loved the drums. Dragon and Phoenix! They are similar, this felt really good.

  3. Michelle 5 years ago

    My guide for this meditation was a blackened tree stump from a bush fire, and when asked to think about where I was at this moment in my life I suddenly felt really cold and stuck in the middle of nowhere. The fire was a brilliant violet colour, and into it I let go of caring so much for the wrong people instead of myself, putting other people’s needs ahead of my own, giving away my power to others, and letting self doubt rule my life. At first my head began to sway gently and then swirl around, and then my hands and arms lifted into the air and spinning quickly as if everything would be released up though a vortex. But then it seemed to slow down and get stuck at my shoulders, so I had to start shaking from side to side. I certainly wasn’t feeling cold any more. From the fire I could feel the energies of creation, magic, and capabilities.

  4. Christina 5 years ago

    I absolutely love this meditation. The breathwork was amazing and it kind of reminded me of a re-birthing I did in Hawaii once. Very powerful meditation and the support and encouragement I felt from all my helpers around the fire was amazing. I will definitely be doing this again and again!

  5. Jackie 5 years ago

    Truly empowering experience! I was surprised to see my guides as a very ancient medicine man (shaman) and a medicine woman, the third was a man with long white hair and beard. They helped me pull away all the jealousy, the guilt, the deceit and lies and made me realize it was all ego…they helped me pull off these layers of ego, while I was in the fire. I could feel me pulling off the masks, the pretences and the guilt. They lifted me out of the fire, and held me close, i could feel the love emanating through me from them. It was a beautiful experience, i feel the transformation….and i am exhausted but happy.

  6. Valerie 5 years ago

    This was amazing, such an intense meditation. Felt all of my guides with me, the bear, white eagle the deer and the water spirit. this time a tiger came when I was in the fire, looking me straight in the eyes. Also my shaman guide he gave me antlers when I danced into the Flames. For letting go my guides told me to make the form of a ball with my hand, a ball of all the energie I had to let go and then shake my hands to remove all things. After the ceremonie my guides showed me a white lotus flower and i had to go through the lotus to come back here .

  7. April Doyle 5 years ago

    Very appropriate for today! Whew. JUST what I needed. Definitely was able to breathe & sweat it out – running & jumping as I always do with this breathe work to get it all out. Perfect. Thank you.

  8. Kazabella 5 years ago

    Truly liberating ☄ I did find it difficult to keep the shamanic breath going though. Is it meant to make you feel very hot? Definitely had a surge in core temperature!

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