1. Heather Thomas 5 years ago

    Today I saw my dragon but he was not to guide, it was Bear. We have been together before but I hadn’t seen him much lately. He is my protector, sometimes over protective, but this time was we went to the second circle on the hill. He was loving and supportive, I was leaning into him as i met my shadow. Still trying to get a clear meaning. but the there is anger and fear in me, sometimes they take control and I do weird or dumb things, self sabotaging things.
    Self care and love are the answers and the practices i need to do more of, this message keeps showing up in my life in so many different ways. Also that i am not alone and i can ask for help. Bear was warm and his fur so soft. He would let me hide in it forever, Something I think I did in a past life. And the song at the end….it is the mantra I play for myself or say for myself all the time. Another coincidence that just makes me laugh.

  2. Christina 5 years ago

    Cool meditation. I was very surprised because the animal that showed up I was not expecting and had never worked with. It was an eagle and I was a little confused. I called the bear in and she was behind me and not coming forward as if saying. Not now. I asked the eagle are you sure? And then I heard Dakota say don’t be surprised if the animal has changed. So I didn’t resist and went with it. As we got to the circle it was a dark shimmery figure that was panicky and I immediately felt so much tention in my shoulders and neck. This was my own way I have learned to respond to certain situations and it showed me and felt how it has held me back and helped throughout the years but now more do hurting me. I gave it a necklace of eagle feathers that the eagle gave me to give it. Then as the black started falling away I saw different ages of myself within it. And a cord release from my shoulders. Upon leaving the eagle said he would be here with me for a while to aid me with the extra energy, strength and courage I will be needing as well as the guidance and assistance in continuing to get living in my purpose as that is what I have been asking for.

  3. Michelle 5 years ago

    My power animal, an orangutan led me down a hollow tree trunk and then into the lower world, out through a pile of stones. The orangutan wouldn’t stand on the ground and instead hung from the safety of a nearby tree, leaving me to meet my shadow spirit alone. An ugly and plain looking black scorpion. I don’t really know very much about scorpions except they are nasty and sting, and no one likes them. I see their bodies as being hard, with a shell to protect them. Always on the defensive and not letting anyone get close to them. Hiding in the dark and just waiting. I’m not even sure what their purpose is. I was amazed by what I was getting from the scorpion, and it does reflect how I have seen and felt about myself. The big and overbearing shadow of not being liked, and keeping people at a distance for fear of being judged and rejected. Before leaving him, the scorpion gave me the messages of ‘small but powerful’ and ‘People will not suspect what lies beneath’. My orangutan guide also helped clarify things by telling me to accept all parts of myself, good and bad, remain friendly and yet be ferocious when needed. Trust people but use intuition to prevent getting stung. And most importantly do not abandon yourself when you are scared and fearful. I didn’t really like the thought of having a scorpion to represent my shadow side. It’s like a big ugly spider with pincers. Yuk. But then I did some research into what a scorpion actually represents, and it couldn’t be more perfect to work with at the moment. An openness to change, self protection, independence, endurance, power and passion, and the wisdom to wait for the right opportunity before making a well calculated move. Thanks Dakota, I find this fascinating and insightful.

  4. Valerie 5 years ago

    This again was e very piwerful meditation, even now I am sometimes amazed of how strong these messages are. My power animal bear showed up, he brought me to the next lower world where I met my shadow spirit the cobra. I didn’t understand the cobra. So on my other Side one of my other guides showed up. He took my hand and also on the other Side bear took my other hand. Now you are ready to see. The cobra showed me how tall he was and then An image of bear fighting with the cobra. I saw the face of death, but it never frightened me, it was al in peace. I said I did’nt understand the message again and cobra told me to find his meaning and what he stands for. We said goodbye. In the first lower world bear told me to become him, and so I took a part of him with me here. I have looked up te meaning and message of the cobra, and oh my god, this is so accurate and so helpfull for me. Thank you so much for this clearing and more understanding meditation ❤️

  5. Hana 5 years ago

    I met Death in this meditation. Made me realize how scared I actually am of dying. It showed up as a profound pattern keeping me stuck not only in the sense of physical death but also in the sense of accepting life changes, things and people coming and going. Could never accept in my heart this cycle as it felt so vain. Always made me doubt the meaning of Life when everything perishes in the end so why to bother in the first place. I was always carrying this vanity imprinted in my whole being. She told me that it makes me stuck between two worlds, because I don´t want any of it, nor to die nor to live and it is so true. I can´t help it, don´t know where it is coming from, but it has been always present even in some of my past lives that I could recall so far. In this new light maybe that ferryman stuff I mentioned is me punishing myself from one lifetime to another… not quite sure… She said – Accept me and I will set you free. This one is really tough for me, the feeling of vain and senselessness is so profound…

  6. Hanna Isaksson 5 years ago

    ps. and I do judge people who lives family life, think they seem to have such a booooring time… Not for me! (but in secret I want to have it too…)

  7. Hanna Isaksson 5 years ago

    I met my shadow and was a little bit surprised by the message. I always had a complicated view of family life, and it has not really been anything I struggled to get. I never felt like I needed kids or to live a traditional family life. I always thought it had to do with the abuse that happened to me as a child. But in the meditation my mom showed up. And I realized that I have this fear of becoming like her. She never felt happy when we grow up. My dad made career and my mom worked part time to have the time to take care of us and the house. But I can’t remember much joy, it felt like she lived the life you are suppose to live not the one she wanted.

    The first time I got a real job I actually cried because I was terrified. I thought my life was over. And thought I was going to be sad and miserable like all adults. I did not want it. And today I can see that this is also a fear I have when it comes to relationships and family. I think it will kill my spirit. I don’t want to feel safe, it scares me a lot. And of course all the men that represent that, I have rejected. My medicine was to work with being comfortable feeling safe.

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