1. Hana Cechova 5 years ago

    This was very peaceful and powerful meditation for me. Before getting to a lower world I was in a beautiful forest. When we were guided to open our senses I experienced how clear and detailed is my seeing and hearing compared to other senses. In the lower world I shape shifted into a barn owl. She taught me that the inner wisdom resides in stillness, the power resides in being observant and in taking the right action at the right time. She showed me how to navigate through complete darkness without fear or hesitation and she shared with me the power of seeing through darkness. Then I sat on a rock and surprisingly I shape shifted once again, this time into an eagle. It was a beautiful energy shift, from passive, flowing, wise and observant energy into unbelievably powerful, free and dominant. My vision became so clear and detailed. I experienced lightning in my eyes, feeling of complete freedom and I heard my own voice as an eagle scream. When I was called back I shape shifted from eagle to barn owl and back to my own body. I am grateful for all messages I could receive.

  2. Autumn 5 years ago

    Tonight I shape shifted into an owl. I had feathers and strong wings and I saw the world from a higher view, a different perspective. My wings were so powerful and I was very silent as a flew through the trees looking at the world. I soared above our land. My messages were about being strong, powerful, silent and observant as I change my perspective of how I view the world. I almost fell asleep a couple of times as I was sitting up during this meditation. One time I even felt a jolt from my third chakra area even though I was sitting up leaning back on pillows. I look forward to revisiting this meditation again when I am not as sleepy, but as I nodded off I saw images of milkweed flowers, the entrance tot the land and children dressed in clothes from another period in time and then I would zoom back into my owl perspective.

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