1. Karen Cooper 3 years ago

    I realized myself, full of pride, judgement, and anger. I have to settle snugly into humility, compassion, and joy. I became fully aware. My word is, “quiet.” I have learned more about myself with this meditation than any before it. Thank you!

  2. Gillian 5 years ago

    I am challenged by art. I always feel so clumsy and awkward. Even tho I have pictures in my head of what I want to create, it never turns out like those images. I love to create, but tend to stick to what I am comfortable with , such as soap making, knitting, crocheting, i would love to explore creations with crochet more, as I love this medium. I also love carving soap!! It is similar to carving veges and fruit. I have to work on a good texture tho – too hard and it crumbles, too soft and it doesn’t hold its shape enough.

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