1. Kimberley 6 years ago

    Because I’m on the road, on the solstice, I drew my medicine wheel in the sand. I’m keeping a journal, with a drawing representing my stones, and collecting stones as I go. I’ll get it set up when I am able to hold still for a few days… that’s July 16th. I look forward to it.

  2. ariane 6 years ago

    This was my first time celebrating the summer solstice. As usual, I was initially bogged down by wanting to create something profound and ‘perfect’. However, in the end we decided to keep it simple. I was fortunate to be in the Swedish wilderness above the arctic circle. I created a medicine wheel by the river and waiting until midnight, when the sun was at its lowest (but still full daylight), I prayed to the four directions, making an offering and setting my intention for the next few days, when I undertook a profound journey with sacred plants. Some of the insights, included learning how to continuously balance the dark and the light that is within me. When we returned to the camp site a few days later, I collected a number of black and white stones that I will use for an indoor medicine wheel to remind me of the need for balance.
    I feel a lot of gratitude for being on this path with everyone.

  3. River 6 years ago

    Heeeey Guys!!

    Apologies for only just commenting! – I also used the Solstice to Mark the Beginning of the creation of my Medicine Wheel here! – It was very a Beautiful and profound time for sure! – Sageing, Drmming, Basking in the mooonlight and strategically arranging the direction stones! x

  4. JoLynn 6 years ago

    I am creating my medicine wheel tomorrow as part of my ceremony and I plan to fast from noon tomorrow until noon the next day!! I even brought home a big rock from my walk in the woods this morning. it was before i did my medicine wheel readings and the rock i found really spoke to me and it has large chunks of micah in it

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