1. Gillian 6 years ago

    I struggle with this. I am naturally messy, and surround myself with animals (atm have 10 dogs, 2 cats, etc) so our living area is messy. I find I have things I would rather do than tidy up, things that are more soul-nourishing than cleaning and worrying about how my living area looks. I do clean up after doing tasks – like cooking, craft, always make the bed, etc. But if my place is messy, I don’t get all fussed about it. I also figure that the spirits and guides accept me for who/what I am, and will not judge me for living messy.

  2. Grace 6 years ago

    This was such a helpful video. I”m so into aesthetics in my home because it affects my energy. I love my progress with the office. Just that one change has caused me to make three other major shifts with boundaries and shadows. Wow! How awesome it is to see the connection of energy from one area to another area of your life. I also liked learning how the directions related to different rooms in the house. Thanks Dakota!

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