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  1. Kaya Cooper 3 years ago

    I worked on a snail farm, kitchen and packaging place for frozen escargot in ceramic bowls with dips in them for the escargot in garlic butter or burgundy sauce. I worked for a close friend, Francois, who was a very nice and interesting man. I was doing lots of newspaper interviews, but wouldn’t go to work when the television interviewers would come even though at that time I was pretty back then in my 20’s. It was a fun job…What made the job fun, even though it was hard work, was that I was learning a lot, was often outdoors as I was in charge of the snail cages as part of my job and Francois and I never talked about work outside of work when he would come over and play with my kids, cook us exquisite meals and pick the best wine and pate’. I loved it!

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