1. Grace 6 years ago

    What a journey Dakota! Thank you so much for sharing. I resonate with so much of your path. Listening to the twists and turns also helped me to reflect on many major life events and how I nose dived in different directions. While I do not yet have a clear picture of where I am going, I do know that being in this mentorship program is and will change my life. I can see myself next year and I’m a completely different person. I don’t yet have the step to get there, but I see the end result already. As for the energies, I have come more into balance since the south. All my scores are closer to zero. Intuitively, I know that I am most balanced in the North, equally unbalanced in West and East, and not really sure about the South. When I reflect on my life, I can see how my focus has mainly been in the North, and then I distracted myself with work (East) so as not to have to deal with emotions (South). In my younger years, I also focused a lot on my physical body but was disconnected from myself. I can feel myself becoming more rounded as I move through this program, and find myself traveling the wheel in my mind when I face situations. And based on the situations that brought me to this path, I believe it is best for me to place focus in my Environment and Career houses, so this will be where I take my next steps. One thing I took away from your video here……it made me want to write all the people I am forgiving and letting go a letter as you did with Angie and thank them so as to focus on all the gifts and not the transgressions.

  2. Dakota Walker 6 years ago

    Thank you everyone for the comments. I’m glad my story helps to inspire and at the very least show you how the energies can influence one another. I’ve often been asked if I could, would I go back and change my life so that I didn’t have to go through that pain and the short answer is no. The events of my life are what have shaped me to be who I am today, and I’m very happy with that outcome. I have a greater amount of empathy, compassion, understanding and acceptance that I might not otherwise have.

  3. Kirsten 6 years ago

    Dakota what a gift you are! So thankful for Penny and your puppy and that awesome oar. I’m also really impressed with how you focus on us with that camera. It is like we are having a coffee together. Thank you for sharing your story. Intuitively I am going with South being out of balance most of all. North is my steady one. East and West equally out of balance. I’m going to check now and see if I’m right. Wrong! West, South, East and North with the West being the most out of balance and the North the least. My broad picture is one day at a time, eyes wide open. I’ve seen this path unfold for me over the course of this year. I am psyched! I have no idea what is in store, but it feels right even if it is sloooooooow. And it is slow. I want answers to certain things, but I feel they will come in time. I am here with you and everyone else to keep my focus. Obviously, I’m late 🙂 but I am okay with that too. I am being pulled in interesting ways: the art show surprise a few weeks ago at my alma mater, the freakin’ hurricane that forced a vacation on me and I got to hang with my family in the woods a little. I would say too, my husband being in Ireland now. I have to manage all kids, cat, and life… but I am perfectly capable, if sleep deprived, and it helps me bond with them one on one and I love it and I super-love them. Oh, and I decided to refinance my house 2 days ago.

  4. Amanda McGuckin 6 years ago

    Sorry this is so late! but Dakota thank you for sharing your story, it was so touching and amazing how things came together for you! From the quizzes I took all my directions are pretty imbalanced, but thats why I’m here, I’m here to balance them out, to find clarity, to figure out who I am, just me, and to fulfill myself so I can truly be ok with my own being! Your story was very inspiring!

  5. Deborah 6 years ago

    I have started writing my comment twice one, putting my thoughts down and just as I finish the computer kicks me off and all of my writings are lost! Now I’m just chuckling knowing I have expressed myself, even though only I know what was said.
    I’m thankful for all of you being here, everyone has a different journey, but we are all on the same path to understanding. I have shared your feelings, each of you in some way and been able to relate to each event. You give me power to move through the events that cause us to stagger, sometimes fall down, but ALWAYS seek to find strength and help from each other.
    This past week was tough, waiting for days for devastion to be put upon us not knowing the outcome. It was emotionally and physically draining. Today the sun is shining bright. It’s brisk and life is all around us. We are blessed, yet we feel the sorrow and pain of those who have suffered a great loss. We are a great nation with great people. I’m THANKFUL we are in this together.

  6. Patti 6 years ago

    Thank you so much for openness and honesty. I seem to much slower and needed heartbreak after heartbreak to finally say what the hell is going on and demanded last yr for god to fix me! Shit I won’t ever do that again lol. Anyway the last 9 months I was in total fear trying to get out big secret and finally did in August. I needed to hear your hope and inspiration to get my life back on track!

  7. Robert 6 years ago

    Thank you for your share-amazing journey! I set intentions every other day and have thanked all who have supported me in my journey. I have a vision journey of what my life will be like in Peru as a Shaman in 5 years.

  8. Gillian 6 years ago

    Thank you Dakota. Your story, completely different to my own, resonated with me deeply. What do I feel about the energies? How do I see them showing up in my life right now? What is my broad picture… It is starting to coalesce. I finally feel like I am starting… My broad picture involves some kind of service to the world, bringing a more loving connectedness to the world, more compassion and kindness. What does that look like? Hmmm, work on progress. Having women’s circles, working together to build stronger and more powerful foundations. Working together to construct a balanced wheel, a sturdy basis for the kingdoms. Bringing women together to build villages (it takes a village to raise a child kind of villages). From my experience, it is really really hard to ask for help. Sounds so simple, but it is one of the hardest, most exposing things I ever have to do. So I want to help women ask for help. Any kind of help, to have a village. I have seen the fear and desolation in the eyes of women who need help but just can’t/won’t ask . They don’t want to be a burden. This is my broad picture.

  9. Autumn 6 years ago

    Thank you Dakota for sharing your story. I have been reflecting on it quite a bit this week. I appreciate your transparency. There were parts of your story that reminded me of my story. I am not certain if I understand how to interpret my numbers from the quizzes but I believe I am most out of balance in the north and south aspects of the medicine wheel.

    In Loving Kindness,

  10. Barbara 6 years ago

    Thank you for the video, it also gave me peace and inspiration in the middle of the exhaustion and lack of ‘lust for life’ I am feeling these days.
    What I need to do, is follow the guidance I receive – I have been guided to write and it is one of the things I really see myself doing and that would be a perfect way of balancing other needs (flexibility of work, time in quiet surroundings, the need to express myself). But I stop myself before I even get started. “What should I write”, “I am not a writer”, “the quality of my writing isn’t good enough” etc. So I really needed to hear (again) the part where you said, it doesn’t have to make sense – to yourself or to others. I decided two weeks ago to start a blog, and then I started the research on technical details, finding out the name, the themes and the design – and again, I stopped myself. And I have been DRAINED from energy this past week (it a reocurring theme for me and I HATE it!). I am gonna get that blog started now and I am gonna write. Even when I don’t know what, why of what for. I will write.
    And two other points I have been coming back to – is taking care of my body and taking care of my home. It is the two things I start letting go of when I am losing my energy and then it is just a downward spiral from there and I end in the sofa with Netflix and my son on his ipad! So I know what to work with, I just have to do it. Which seems incredibly hard when I’m out of the flow (and just can’t seem to find my place in this life and world).
    My East, South and West all have excesses and deficiencies; my North is more balanced.

    I am glad to be here.

    • Jodi 6 years ago

      Hey Barbara, I feel this way with my art, I don’t have the energy or the creativity to paint. I feel almost depressed, My body is taking a beating, I really don’t eat properly and I smoke. I need to exercise but don’t feel like it, I am start so many things but I never finish them. I am a mess, Lol. I am so glad I am here and I hope that I can learn from Dakota and start living a fulfilled life. I am trying to understand the medicine wheel, and I want to make the changes, I just feel alone with no motivation. Anyway, I was sitting here reading all the comments, realised that it’s Sunday night and I missed the live call and hating it,and thought I would share a little.

  11. Dakota Walker 6 years ago

    @jennife, that song gets me every time! I almost was going to use “Another One Bites the Dust” because of the way they were playing – another song though, that takes me back!

    It is interesting when you begin looking at the “big picture” and seeing that ebb and flow throughout your life. You can see how it all works together or influences one another. With that knowledge, you can now be more present with what is happening in your life and actually direct the energy where you need/want to.

  12. Jennifer 6 years ago

    First of all, that song? Girls Just Wanna Have Fun? Brought me right back to when I was like 11 years old and first “discovered” pop music. I must have played that Cyndi Lauper tape until I broke it.

    This is stuff that I’ve sensed my whole life, but never had the words or a frame of reference for any of it…hearing your story helps me to make more sense of my own story. And now I know why I joined this mentorship.

    So, when I let myself sit with it, I feel like I’ve had an excess of south energy for a long time. I can look back on my life and see the places where I had an excess of north energy – like when I was going to Catholic school and was a church organist at a small Episcopal church – and the times when I had an excess of east energy when, in my 20s very similar to you, I was working 50-60 hours a week as a veterinary technician. My west energy, though, feels most out of balance overall in my life. I’ve lived here in the Adirondacks for 16 years now, and I love it deeply, but only recently has it started to feel like “home”…

    It was interesting to take those energy assessment tests after finishing the south direction/sacred heart warriors. It looks like my north is still pretty balanced, but I have some work to do…er, opportunities for growth in both the west and east directions. Vision and goals continues to be a place where I need to focus my attention. Going to turn this one over to my spirit guides for a few days this week to see what they have to tell me.

  13. Marisse Gabrielle 6 years ago

    Thank you for sharing you story Dakota. Your journey really resonates with me and you spoke your story so beautifully.

    I am only now learning about the medicine wheel and it’s really fascinating to me. I have excess and deficient energies in almost all directions, though my most balanced direction is the South. Heading into the West direction is so, so appropriate for me right now. I’m a ‘third culture kid’ and I’ve never really felt at home in any place I’ve lived. I’m now living in the Philippines, due to signs I’ve gotten to move here from my guides, but I am now almost literally being pushed out. In February, we move to Amsterdam, somewhere I visited over the summer where I felt free, understood, and excited to engage with people again. I have a deep yearning for connection to community and to connect in a more authentic and vulnerable way. I know my unhappiness with my current living situation and lack of connection is causing imbalance with being excessive in the North and East. I’m excited to delve into this.

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      Marisse, the Medicine Wheel, I find, is such a deep container to hold everything and yet help us also to sort it all out. Like I spoke about in the video, the ebb and flow of the energy is almost tangible once you recognize it and in that awareness you learn how to flow with it, how to anchor yourself when you need to or float, or dive deeper. You seem very tapped into your guides and their messages, and good for you for following those instincts and allowing them gently guide you rather than fight them. I feel like you are in a great place being here and I can see that this community, albeit online, will be a great place for you to find that support and kinship going forward.

  14. Cari 6 years ago

    So interesting Dakota. I think it’s so interesting that often in spiritual circles people say that as long as you get your spiritual life in order everything else will fall in. I get that concept but I love how you knew you needed work in other areas when you felt solid in the spiritual area. While I need work in all directions, I am finding, for now at least, that working on the others is more beneficial than working on my spiritualiry. That is why I loved the South direction so much. And now loving the West and really getting into creating beautiful space around me. Woohoo!

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      Yes Cari, I have seen/heard the same in spiritual circles and I have always felt that kind of tunnel vision is short sited. We chose to be here in this human incarnation and all of it is so beautifully and delicately woven together – to ignore any part of it would be a tragedy as we would miss out on the richness of this human life.

  15. Carol Sloan 6 years ago

    I know why I am here. I know why I felt at home when I saw the woods you call home. Why I fell in love with Buddha. Why I took a huge leap of faith in joining this mentorship. I know why you like to celebrate your birthday for a whole week :). I want to find a way to make peace with my shadow self . Thank you for your courage and honesty Dakota xx.

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      You are here and we are all lucky for that! I love that Buddha has become a guide for you, she is such a healing spirit and I hope she helps you to fall in love with your shadow side too!

  16. Debra 6 years ago

    Wow! Dakota, Thank you so much for sharing such a personnel story and how it all came together. I am feeling better already you give us all hope and inspiration. Ps love your commercials better then TV. Ps think you need more animals. Just saying haha Thank you again Debbie Alfaro

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      Thank you Debbie … and yes, the deer/dog commercials are by far the best! I’m lucky my camera didn’t get knocked over!! And yes, more animals … that’s when you move up here and help us take care of them! haha!

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