1. arrowyn 6 years ago

    I am continually amazed at how the topics, exercises, and meditations seem to align so serendipitously with what is going on with my life- but I shouldn’t be amazed, at all, in a way. OF COURSE, IT IS!! I made a medicine wheel with my daughter in her sandbox, but I want to make a much larger one that I can sit in the different directions and meditate. I am not sure how I am going to do that- but that is my intention. I have had an altar for some time, I added water to it, for the South, but could certainly do more to honor this direction.

    I am forcing myself to get a massage next week and have been taking flower baths. I am so purpose driven that it is challenging for me to sit in a bath with a candle and relax without trying to read a few chapters of a non-fiction book I am reading or something like that. Doing NOTHING is super hard. But is an important part of self-love and self-care.

    And the self- love piece is so big for me right now. I am hyper aware of how it, or the lack of it, shows up in my life in regards to my skin breaking out or not being able to hold a boundary. It is frustrating- but at the same time- the light is on, so I know there will be movement and change.

    And I am really looking forward to that.

  2. Carol 6 years ago

    I feel very lucky to be where I am today. Thank you Dakota and Amber for the safe space I find myself in. For caring and for not turning me away. I am learning things again, slowly but I am learning and I love it!!! I absolutely loved out soul pod meeting last night (until the battery on my tablet died), I found the smaller group so much easier to cope with. I can feel progress being made, soo good. You are all beautiful people, I love you all XXXXX ((You too Buddah 🙂 ). Aho Mitakuye Oyasin Aho

  3. Amber 6 years ago

    With all the energy swirling in the world, along with taking this course, and a reading a deep book on Soul Purpose, I am feeling extremely exhausted. This class is helping me to be with it, in it, and witness it as well with compassion. When I need to rest, I lie down. When I need to say no, I say no. I feel my boundaries are stronger since embracing this South direction and learning more about my excess and deficient energies, and I am grateful.
    I feel so honored to have Anastasia as my spirit teacher along with another who I will leave anonymous. Anastasia is guiding me in my quest to connect more with the middle world- plants, fairies, trees….. She inspired me to create a medicine wheel garden which is a work in progress. I am looking forward to learning more about medicinal herbs and their uses through Anastasia and this garden.
    This past month has probably been one of the most challenging of my life, and it is exactly where I need to be. I appreciate being here to share this journey with like-minded people.

  4. gillian 6 years ago

    I am finding the process amazing. I an not going through physical turmoil like others here, my life is quite smooth, albeit busy. I have over committed myself to courses, and with work commitments too, I am sometimes feeling overwhelm. I have done the teacher meditation a number of times, even outside leaning against my tree. I still have not connected with my teacher. Am I blocking this?

  5. Kimberley 6 years ago

    Thank you for this great summary and reminder of all the components we have gone through so far. This afternoon, I will be attending the birthday party of someone who did not meet my expectations. Yes, I have adjusted my expectations, but that doesn’t take away what happened. At the birthday party, I don’t want to be a “welcome mat” but I do want to show understanding, grace, and love – so balance and kind-but-firm boundary-setting is important. I don’t feel ready for this, but I’m going to do it anyway. I think my process in the mentorship will move forward more smoothly after that. I think my guide will come through after that. After the party, I am building a “portable wheel” inside a carrying case using the rocks collected on my travels. I have a few days to spend in the library to get caught up on reading, correspondence, and meditations. Next week I will settle in my new “home”. There, I can build an altar and do far more to show myself care and love. Things are moving forward. It just requires a little patience with the process. Glad to be doing this along side many other “soul seekers”. 🙂

    • earthcloud 6 years ago

      I am so happy you are going to the birthday party, perhaps a bit of a BIRTH DAY for you too! Please keep us informed … sending you love!

  6. Grace 6 years ago

    I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I’m moving slowing through the process.

    • earthcloud 6 years ago

      This is when self-love comes in and reminds you to breathe, take care of you, and go slowly …

  7. patti 6 years ago

    Thx Dakota for your love and compassion to help people and make this world better

  8. jennifer 6 years ago

    So far…I think I entered this mentorship as a way to find some focus in my life at a time when I am feeling lost, frightened, and unsure about being seen. I’ve been going through a big transformation the last few years – spiritually, physically, emotionally – and I feel like I needed a way to to find some direction in my life and my spiritual practices, which have just been all over the place. My emotions through all of these changes and transformations have been all over the place – but I feel as though the last few days have been pretty calm.

    I’ve definitely noticed certain people and certain thought patterns that are triggers for me. Except that where I might have, in the past, just sort of ignored it, I’m exploring it now – using my time spent in meditation to really go deeper into these triggers, tease them apart, and then release them. Only problem is that it feels like I’ve got this whole long laundry list of triggers I’m ready to release, and not enough time to spend in meditation with them. Journaling about some of them has definitely helped.

    I did do the meditation on finding your spirit teacher, and I saw four animals show up: the first was a deer, the second was a raven, the third was a frog. And then, just as I was turning to head back into the forest, an alligator just sort of sauntered out from behind one of the stones of the medicine wheel, and I knew he was one of my spirit teachers, too. I’ve done some work with raven and frog before, but never deer and alligator. More messages to me about being patient and allowing things to integrate and being gentle with myself. Things I need to work on.

    I did build a medicine wheel (a small one) in my backyard under our enormous box elder tree. I didn’t do a very long, elaborate ceremony, but I did cleanse the space with Palo Santo and say a prayer. I did my spirit teacher meditation out there next to the medicine wheel, and I will be back there for more.

    During the first video where Dakota suggested going outside and lying down on the Earth, it hit me that I have a hard time with love. I have a hard time expressing it. I have a hard time understanding it. I have a hard time accepting it when it’s given to me. So I downloaded the Manifesting Love meditation, and want to do it outside near the medicine wheel. I am starting to understand that I have a hard time with feeling and accepting real love.

    Soooo, what am I doing for self care? Well, I actually started back on an Ayurvedic cleanse that I did earlier this year when I was having some pretty bad physical symptoms (PVCs, heart palpitations, weakness, anxiety, bouts of skyrocketing blood pressure) that all checked out completely normal at the doctor. I’ve started drinking a warming, grounding, cleansing spice water every morning, trying to cut way back on sugar (not that I usually eat a lot of sugar, anyway). I’m taking time to do my spiritual practices and read, taking more time to journal, and I even splurged and bought more Epsom salts and lavender oil. (I get through the long, cold winters here with lots of Epsom salt and lavender baths.) I am finding more things to be grateful for in my life. I am taking time to connect with my friends. I am making time to do my yoga practice and meditate, and I am saying no a lot more.

    I honestly never thought I would find myself on a shamanic path, but now that I am here, I’m finding that this is exactly where I need to be right now.

  9. ariane 6 years ago

    I appreciate you putting this video together, just what I needed at this time.

    Apologies if my answer is a bit lengthy, but it is useful for me to take stock.

    What I was looking for when embarking on this mentorship was to simplify things, to have one framework to work with and dedicate myself to that. To receive guidance in a personal way, rather than from books and to be part of a community of like minded people. I feel that this is what you are providing and for me things really started to come together in terms of this programme from the last live call.

    I was expecting the South direction to challenge me and it is. Not only am I going through turbulent times in a very practical sense; moving house, physical separation from my partner, at risk of being made redundant, considering a career change etc.
    As you have probably seen from several of my posts, I still need to process quite a lot of emotions.

    So, I’m feeling quite all over the place.

    At the same time its very interesting to observe some of my patterns. One is a tendency not to stay with a particular practice (perhaps a frog figure is needed on my altar), e.g. instead of repeating the same exercise I will keep trying different ones. Or repeating the same exercise several times (perhaps because I do not yet trust my own experience)

    E.g. I did a finding your power animal meditation with you a long time ago, but then when I did it again, it was a different animal.
    I’ve done soul retrievals several times (with shamanic teachers) but everytime they said something different.
    I’ve done the spirit teacher twice, but neither time was there a clear ‘teacher’ (human or otherwise) and the clues were not the same.
    Someone suggested that every time you do a soul retrieval, it becomes more and more difficult to retrieve the parts, if you haven’t integrated them?

    I had extreme powerful journeys on the members site in the beginning but things are becoming vaguer?

    Some interesting things for me to reflect on.

    I did create an altar some time ago and start my mornings off with a daily ritual. Even though I did not create a fixed medicine wheel outside, I do have a number of stones that I put out in my living room whenever I do a sacred practice.

    As far as self care is concerned i do practice yoga/qi gong, take time to read and do some self-love ‘affirmations’. I practice being grateful as much as possible

    All in all I see everything that is happening (even when it is not always what I desire) as a teacher and just the thing I need.

    Being on the shamanic path and developing a relationship to Spirit and experiencing non-ordinary states, has given me purpose and meaning in life. I just need to remain patient 🙂

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