1. Amber 6 years ago

    I had never experienced feelings of not belonging in this world more than when I started this South Direction with you all. I was feeling the swirling energies around the planet and not knowing my place here.
    What I allowed myself to do was be here, be present, and to be open with this community. And what a caring community you all have proven to be! I have been amazed at how much I have learned about myself through my Soul Archetype and the medicine wheel. It has deepened my appreciation for the wisdom of the medicine wheel and the way it was laid out for us with honesty, laughs, insights, and fun through Dakota. I feel more connected to my higher self, my guides, and nature, as a result of this experience, and I feel more confident that I am moving now rather than being stuck. I feel and see a bigger picture than previously, and it inspires me to continue this work and to continue it with a curiosity like never before. I am grateful for this beautiful teaching, how it was presented, the community of supporters throughout the process, and a new perspective on my Sacred Purpose. Aho…

  2. Grace 6 years ago

    I have felt so grateful to be a part of this space. The journey has been amazing for me and I have so many things to take away. Learning to work with my spirit helpers has been such a blessing. Having gained the awareness of not only how to tap into my intuition, but learning how to honor how I personally receive information has brought a sense of inner peace and self trust that I didn’t have before. But I would say most key of all I’ve gained would be the discovering of my authentic self and the feeling of safety that I can shed the false self that I created as a child to survive. Unraveling duplicity has presented both challenges and triumphs. I am blessed to have been among such great people, and in a safe space, to begin that process. I look forward to the west direction where I might dive into death, rebirth, and transformation. I love you Dakota, and I love all of you – my mentor family. Thank you for allowing me to walk along side you as well.

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      It has been an honor to watch and experience this growth with you Grace. You are truly an inspiration!

  3. Robert 6 years ago

    Dakota! So many changes, my journey continues to be amazing. The universe is constantly testing. I have risen to her challenges embracing them. Prior to my spiritual journey -no way. For me awareness is key. I’m aware of so many things, no longer sweat the small stuff and most importantly send love to all. Ya, ego shows up but I’m aware when its around, er most of the time!! Thank you for being such an important part of my journey-Namaste!!

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      Bob … what a journey you had during the South! I am so grateful that you have been with us on this journey, that you continue on with us and that your awareness just keeps heightening! You are a gift to this community!

  4. Carol 6 years ago

    This has been an amazing, rewarding, liberating if rather painful journey but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Thank you all for holding out the hand of friendship and Dakota thank you for making me feel safe and being such a brilliant teacher and ….. Buddha you are one very special deer. I love you all xxx.

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      Thank you Carol, and thank you for showing up – even in those tough times when you weren’t sure you were in the right place, you have become such a powerhouse without even realizing it!

  5. Patti 6 years ago

    Wow this has been an amazing, beautiful and painful few months but I am finally free of my childhood abuse! The weight of a building has been lifted off me and positive things are starting to happen all the time! Thank you so much for all showing up! Love you all

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      Wow, this is awesome to read Patti … you have come so far and have done so much work – I love it!!! And I am so excited you are moving forward with us! 🙂

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