1. arrowyn 6 years ago

    It shows up for me in the lack of trusting my own intuition and thinking I need psychics and intuitives and vedic astrologers to help me make major life decisions instead of listening to my gut and heart.

  2. jennifer 6 years ago

    So, I definitely see the deficient south energy showing up in my life through a lack of connection with people. It has also recently come to my full awareness at how disconnected from most of my life I feel – it’s almost as though I’m living outside of my own life, or watching my life through a thick window. I don’t feel connected to anything that I’m doing, or any of the experiences I’m having. I definitely resonate with the Lackluster – it feels as though I’ve been living my life through a lens of fear for such a very long time now. After hearing about the lackluster and the hesitation to do new things for fear of what can go wrong, I notice that as a pattern in my anxiety attacks – I hesitate to do things, anything, because I’m afraid of what *might* happen. I’m assuming that anxiety is a symptom of the Lackluster?

    I have always loved volunteer work, even as a teenager – I was a volunteer with a local animal rescue group for many years, and I usually had some kind of volunteer work going on. That was how I got the gig delivering cheese, actually – they sent out an email looking for help, and I volunteered. (They don’t actually pay me in cash, but we do barter for food in exchange for my services.)

    And you know, about joining a spiritual group… For a couple of years, I thought that I was part of a spiritual group when I started practicing yoga at a local studio. But I never really made any heartfelt connections with the people there, and I wonder if it was because I was there for yoga as a spiritual practice, but most of them were there for yoga as a physical only practice. Since then, I’ve found a place to teach and practice where the students are much more focused on the spiritual, and I definitely feel as though I’ve found a “tribe”.

    Also doing some thinking about what it means to have a healthy sex drive when your partner does not. That has definitely been one of my challenges/triggers with my spouse in the last few years, trying to maintain our relationship without any intimacy.

  3. Amber 6 years ago

    I am in just about every one of the deficiency categories. This is fascinating to learn. Now, I have some work to do to balance these out! I really look forward to our Soul Pod call today to learn about some heart and throat chakra exercises to help.

  4. Grace 6 years ago

    I went back over this exercise so that I could get a grip on where I need to focus because I glazed over the material….overwhelming. On the test I was 45/40/20. I’m not certain what that means as of yet, but reviewing the material I find that I fall in more of the deficient categories than excess categories. This makes sense since emotional numbness and being disconnected from self are areas for me to work on. In deficient, I fall into all the categories except Narcissist. And on excess I feel only The Codependent and The Empath really fit, and because I’ve been working on these two imbalances over this past year, I feel working on deficiency now would make most sense. I always knew that I lived too much in my head so this will be a journey to the heart. It feels odd and sometimes I feel I’m over-reacting when in reality I may just be feeling for the first time. Feeling when your emotions have been invalidated most of your life is scarey. Joy seems to be the easiest for me to start with as I can sense it’s presence or lack thereof. The tools presented for balancing will be useful and I hope to take them one at a time.

  5. Robert 6 years ago

    I trust we will cover off excess? I scored zero on deficient and 10/100 on excess.

    • earthcloud 6 years ago

      Yes Robert, we’ll go over all of it tomorrow (live call) as well as exercises!

  6. Carol 6 years ago

    I find it extremely difficult to let people get close to me and its even harder for them to earn my trust. I feel like a fish out of water right now and I have forgotten how to swim.

    • earthcloud 6 years ago

      Baby steps …. trust is a precious process to gain, give, and receive!

  7. ariane 6 years ago

    If I am really honest, I am (or perhaps I should say was) in all of these categories. I spent my entire life learning how to not feel anything (emotions were dangerous) and how to numb/disassociate/detach, leaving me feeling ‘half alive’ and isolated. Until my (spiritual) crisis 2/3 years ago I did not know how to experience emotions.

    The one that is perhaps the hardest to admit is my narcissistic/selfish tendencies. Even though I did volunteer work for several years, I now realise that although I have a strong drive to care for others, I cannot genuinely offer my love and care until I have learnt to love and care for myself.

    It has really been the deficiency in south energy (although I wouldn’t have known to call it that) that has prompted me to be on this psycho spiritual path. Putting it in perspective with excess energy in the East is very helpful to me and gives me a concrete way to work with things.

    I also think that deficiency in the South is where I have experienced the most changes, in particular over the last year. It has been extremely challenging though.

    What I perhaps still haven’t learnt at all is to be spontaneous, playful and light-hearted.

    • earthcloud 6 years ago

      I think as adults, we dismiss the power of playfulness and spontaneity but both are so vitally important to our well-being. It’s a good reminder for me as well!

  8. Grace 6 years ago

    I see myself in several categories. Service and volunteering will be good for me. It’s very interesting because when doing the journey to find my spirit teacher, the tool my teacher had for me was – service. 🙂

    • earthcloud 6 years ago

      I love it! Let me know, if you will, how you end up doing some volunteer work. It is such a rich and rewarding experience.

  9. patti 6 years ago

    I see myself in a few different ones. Opening up heart is so hard for me and letting people in

    • earthcloud 6 years ago

      It is hard Patti, but also extremely rewarding when you finally do let that heart crack open a bit!

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