1. Hanna Isaksson 4 years ago

    This is an important question for me, since I am definitely the last category and I don’t remember any dreams that I might have had. And I don’t dream about much things. I kind of move on and take it as it comes. But saying that I have also done a lot of things keeping myself “busy”. But I have never felt that I found that one thing that I really wanted to put my soul and heart into. And I have always been jealous at people that have dreams that they follow through.

  2. Valerie 4 years ago

    i love this video. it brought me back to my childhood. my dreams of becoming an adventurer, traveling the world. i had a friend who i had the dreams with, we build things and we dreamed of flying the world in our self made balloon. We where like little Mcgyvers. My dad’s working tools and my momns blankets kept on disapearing when we were outside playing. i have such beautiful memories of those days. my friend now is traveling a lot going to al those beautiful places. sometimes i am a little bit jeaulous, because i am not living that childhood dreams. but also happy that i have had some travels also only less. I still dream of a day when i can travel more and experience the diversity of our beautifull planet and share this with my kids. my dream is to become an explorer of the world in all of its beauty, thank you Dakota

  3. LeslieAnn 4 years ago

    Hi. I left this session grateful for the growth experiences that my life has presented me with. As a young adult I pursued my dream of teaching when there were many obstacles and challenges in my path. All of these experiences, though very difficult, helped to shape me into the grounded woman I am today. I am now looking into the future with the question, “What do I want for the next chapter of my life?” This will be my quest in this direction.

  4. Karen MacFee 4 years ago

    Greetings fellow travelers 🙂
    Thank you Dakota for this heartfelt and illuminating share, and thank you Community for your honesty and willingness to meet this head on…you give my courage a boost!
    After 55 revolutions around the sun, looking back on “dreams lost, or compromised,” I feel blessed at this opportunity to heal and plant new seeds of intention to harvest in the West direction 😉
    The Alchemist helped me to sort, sift, and clean up…the Soul Shaman empowered me to reconnect, reflect and regroup… so, with eager anticipation and childlike wonder, I approach the Visionary in the East…and embrace the teachings, savoring every drop of sweet goodness… Aho!

  5. clyoung 4 years ago

    This hit home on many levels.. Currently, I am in the midst of looking at my dream and the “box”. I am at that jumping off point.. and I see myself questioning my dream against all of the rationalization of not fulfilling my dreams in the past. To say this is timely is an understatement.. looking forward to more exploration around this in the upcoming exercises.

  6. Richard C 4 years ago

    Thank you for this video Dakota, this brought up to me the fact that I actually never dreamed of my future! and 53 years later I still never do! I know it sounds odd but I truly just always lived the day for what it brought! and that includes a marriage, 2 children, a divorce, a second marriage! a 25 year Air force career, a second career as a massage therapist and personal trainer, several certificates in holistic counseling and this program as well! each day brought a new journey! each day had all 8 of your topics to be dealt with to see what I was supposed to learn from the day! and what I got from this video is you do need a self check of yourself and your daily intentions and are you where you are supposed to be or are you just where others want you to be? I will be watching the video a few more times and doing the work while sitting with the thought of who am I and what did Richard want to do! thank you again and I loved reading all the responses…

  7. Patricia 5 years ago

    This was very emotional to watch and realise how I gave up and even forgot what my dreams were for many of the reasons you outlined. It really made me cry….. I turned 50 two years ago and I remember for me it was a milestone to reach that age after losing my father who was only 39 and my sister who passed at 38. I saw it as a new beginning a new lease of life but had no idea where to begin. Lost dreams to be rediscovered. I could say it is strange but no its just as the universe planned it. I met the love of my life the same year I turned 50 and in getting to know him I discovered he to has unfulfilled dreams and just recently while I have helped him to realise its not to late, I was once again in the process of putting mine on hold to help him. But it just so happens that how our relationship is evolving I am being forced to focus on myself. The synchronicity of this mentorship and my life journey is truly amazing.

  8. Jodi Easton 5 years ago

    Wow, Dakota, this video has just put me in a whirlwind, I wasn’t really awake or aware of all my unfulfilled dreams. I have spent my entire life, not knowing what to do with myself and as you said in the video I am now looking back and saying…. what have I done, I use to joke and say, I haven’t a clue what I want to be when I grow up, and now, I am 50 years old!!! I feel that I have missed the boat, so to speak. OMG, what have I done????? I need passion, I need to find out how I can make any dream come true. I don’t want to be on my death bed and say….. What if my whole life has been wrong??

  9. Grace 5 years ago

    So many dreams. Lots of starts and incomplete efforts. Many seem tied to the healing/helping professions – child psychologist, art therapy, poetry therapy, teacher, trainer, creative writer, author of self-help books. Also, I had forgot that at one time I wanted to be a mime dancer. People thought I was weird. But my life had been so much about others repressing my voice since I was a child, and teaching me to pretend I didn’t see what I saw. I think I was fascinated by the silent expression of intense emotions, that were usually uplifting. This is a very emotional exercise.

  10. Autumn 5 years ago

    This was a very difficult and emotional exercise for me. It uncovered a lot of hidden emotions of unfilled dreams. Death met me early which affected me greatly as a child. I remember imaginary forts in the woods and my attachment to my stuffed animals. I remember playing doctor with my friends. I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian until someone told me I would have to put animals to sleep. I use to sneak into my parents study and look at my mom’s nursing books. I had a lot of anxiety and depression as a child and therefore this really affected my self esteem and self worth. We moved to North Carolina and school bored me. I became a rebel and tried not to care as I was and still am so sensitive, clairsentient and lacked good boundaries. I really look back and I had little direction. It seemed that much of my life was about standing up for what I believed in and rebelling against the system. I became a massage therapist after a college ecology professor told me that their was no spiritual component to science. I had been studying to be a naturalist in Biology. So I became a massage therapist. I enjoyed this but it was feast or famine as my clients were only in Linville NC, May through Oct. Then my letter of acceptance from nursing school came in the mail. I did not even remember applying to nursing school so I just took it as spiritual guidance of the path unfolding for me. I made good grades but my past years in college hurt my GPA so when I recently went back to finish my BSN, I overachieved and graduated Summa Cum Laude. It was Insane. I thought I would have a family of my own one day, and a child but that did not work out. So I just detached myself until I met my husband. I had to do a lot of work on my self esteem and self worth to heal my thoughts of unworthiness but I did and I manifested him. Now I have a family.

  11. Kirsten 5 years ago

    Right in the thick of this now. Your teachings are always so pertinent Dakota.

  12. Ariane 5 years ago

    My dream as a child was to become a professional dancer. It was the only thing I felt wanted to do in my life. I studied ballet and other forms of dance from the age of three. When I was invited to audition for the Royal Ballet School and my parents said no, I was devastated.
    More recently I have been wondering if it was really about being a dancer or what dance has represented for me. While I’m sure escape was part of it, I wonder if it’s not about a deep desire to express emotions, to connect with something deeper and to have a sense that life is flowing. And of course the artistic/creative side. I used to make up dance routines in my head all the time……

    While I could not bring myself to dance for years, I’m now back into expressive/ecstatic dance and it feels good

  13. Deralee 5 years ago

    It is great how things just keep percolating in the days after watching the video and doing the exercises!
    I am wondering about how our dreams are formed. I would have said they came from a passion, but I’m wondering whether my dream of working with animals was actually born out of a desire for safety… As a child I didn’t form strong emotional connections with people. I loved animals and nature. I was the child who spent the whole day out on the farm and was fiercely independent. It wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I formed beautiful heart based friendships, and really began to enjoy people!
    Instead of studying to be a vet, I drifted into teaching, which has been great in many ways. I have loved working with 5 year olds but I know that a lot of my passion has come from the desire to resolve the issue of watching my sister struggle at school.
    Does our need to resolve “stuff” become our priority?
    Anyway, I’m finding this all really fascinating and more questions and wonderings keep arising!
    Thank you

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      I find, Deralee, the more you dive into this work the more questions do arise – but that’s a good thing, the curiosity and quest for the answers and truth is ultimately lead us to the place where we find that true essence within us.

  14. Shamba Langston Wright 5 years ago

    lots of intense emotions came up for me during this video. I am a dreamer, and I think I have given up every dream I have ever had for the benefit of someone els. I am ready to do the work it takes to make my next dream a reality.

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Sounds like this is your time Shamba … what a gift to give yourself, to be here, to be reclaiming some of these lost parts of yourself, and what a gift you ultimately give your kids so they grow up knowing that you don’t have to give yourself away or your dreams.

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