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  1. dminer11 4 years ago

    Going through SHW was the beginning of the change. I’m semi retired and I need to make more money. There is a person in my town that is starting up a women’s business networking group. First meeting in two days. I needed new clothes…lost a bit of weight. My daughter came for a visit this past weekend and took me shopping and picked up the entire tab. I am beyond grateful. I needed a new primary physician. One that accepts my insurance. Turns out the dr. I had to leave became part of the group of drs. I see. I was able to transfer yesterday. I don’t get out very often…too busy maintaining my home and errands. I purchase a membership to a museum I love. There are gardens, a mansion, and walking trails on 700 acres. Now that may not seem much to the average person… but I’ve only been in this course for a week. I’m living and loving life. Thank you thank you thank you!


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