1. Gillian 6 years ago

    I have been going through old clothes that I have been holding on to for I don’t even know what. although some t shirts were passed down to me from my daughters, and I like to wear them because it feels like I am wrapped in them when I wear the t shirts. so I haven’t thrown them out yet. I have cleaned out my soap room, my meditation room. Much rubbish thrown out.
    However, I have created as well. I have experimented in faux leather made from cardboard! YAY YOUTUBE and the infinite generosity of crafters from around the world. I am forever grateful. I made several little journals with faux leather, printed out some paper with pretty pictures, put them together as journals.. I plan to make more for gifts for Christmas. I also started to make a scrapbook journal for my oldest daughter to document the birth of her own daughter. Creativity abounds. I love it. I love love love using paper and cardboard as recycling projects – so I use cereal boxes for the cover of the scrapbook. I try to pull off buttons, ribbons, lace etc from old clothes to reuse in the other stuff (not soap, obiously).

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      Wow, can you take a photo of your books? This sounds so fascinating and what an awesome use of recycled materials!! I love it @gillian!

  2. Kirsten 6 years ago

    I ended up giving up sugar on 11/1. As you know Halloween was the night before so we had a houseful of candy. It’s still here! No one ate ANY of it. I told the kids I would buy their candy for $25 each (I wanted to make it really enticing). My daughter immediately went for it and my son took a couple of days, but he never ate any in between. Tonight I teach, and I’ll bring it to my painting students. What is left over will go to my drawing students tomorrow. I’ve been drinking more tea to replace my cravings at night and it helps.

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      @kgretalove I wish my parents had bought my candy when growing up! What a great idea … I think sugar is the hardest habit to break. Amber and I go back and forth in giving it up. It is certainly one I’d like to conquer!

  3. Amanda McGuckin 6 years ago

    Hi! This exercise is really tough for me, because their are many things I want to let go of, but I’m living with me parents so I dont have my own space, for instance I want to eat healthier, so I want to get rid of bad eating habit, but I can’t go and throw away all of their food, they eat very unhealthy! the only space I have that is mine here is a very small room, any suggestions on how I could go about doing this in this kind of living situation?

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      @mandie143r Is it possible for you to ask your parents for a dedicated shelf in their fridge and/or cabinet so you can buy some things to support a new eating habit you want to employ? Or getting a small fridge in your room? Maybe if you explain to them why you want to make this change or why it’s important to you, they will want to support you the best way possible and who knows, maybe you will inspire them to do the same!

  4. Jodi 6 years ago

    I am releasing fear and anxiety, I did a fall clean on my house and car and put out new candles and just made my home a little more free flowing. I am bringing in new positive thoughts, and affirmations to my daily life and routine, thanking my bed for supporting me and taking care of me all through the night etc. learning to start my day off being thankful and saying to myself in the mirror what a wonderful person I am. Learning to love myself!!

    • Dakota Walker 6 years ago

      I love the idea of thanking your bed for supporting you! And I love that you are actively loving yourself daily! What a great transformation @jeaston!

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