1. Cheyanne 4 years ago

    The west direction was challenging for me. I was not ready to dive into the spiritual realm and come in contact with my ancestors. I was so frightened. I picked up energies that were not pleasant and I shut them out completely, including the energies of my guides and spirit. I said no way. I don’t want any of this. I know now I just wasn’t ready, and that’s okay. Maybe next time. I forgive myself for not completing those things, and now I pick myself back up and move forward. I reflect, I mend the chord. I am so grateful for the struggles, the doubts, the fears. I am constantly growing and learning. The South direction was so easy and fluid, I was surprised on the effects of the west. But if everything were easy there wouldn’t be much growth would there. Thank You. Aho.

  2. Jackie 4 years ago

    The biggest lesson on here, was that my shadow can also become my light. I have always struggled in thinking that anyone would just like me, as I am…not as someone who could help them, or make them feel better about themselves. I love that I am taking responsiblity for being me. I feel stronger and more connected to my Higher Self/ Soul than ever before. My “secrets” always felt like it was a very ugly, unlovable part…but these have been there to teach me lessons and now I thank them….Thank YOU Dakota and the mentorship group…

  3. Lee-Ann 5 years ago

    This video hit home. Passion is something I struggle with and have for a long time. Drive, determination, passion it all seems to allude me and i believe from a deep underlying fear of failure. I know i still need to work in that area. But in terms of general happiness, changes in perspective and attitude have been huge since starting the mentorship. I struggled with the West and the land and ancestor work. I have a strong need to do that work up in NH, not where i am now. Thank you for following your passion and being our mentor and teaching us what you do. I love you too!

  4. Joy Little Mountain Richards 5 years ago

    Deepest gratitude,
    Love to you Dakota, showing me with way, the light at the end of my very dismal dark boring tunnel.
    To have found the tools to actually look forwards, to create a vision for the future, never thought that would ever happen again in my life.
    It’s Renewed my faith and hope, rebirthed me, given me a second chance to live more fully aware, conscious decisions, healthy boundaries, nurture self….
    to go forwards on my terms….
    A work in progress, looking forward to continued journey with you and this beautiful community that you’ve brought together. Seeking with curiosity in my heart the next steps….
    Blessings a thousandfold

    Been very profound journey, my first direction.
    Thank you and my fellow travellers, couldn’t of do it without you.
    Holding space for us all, on our journey.

  5. April Doyle 5 years ago

    Beautiful <3 Blessings <3

  6. Heather Thomas 5 years ago

    I am laughing, this work, as I keep experiencing what some would call a coincidence, I laugh.
    The title of the meditation is exactly what i have been wondering myself. The east is calling. I am working on figuring out that answer. Thanks again!

  7. Valerie 5 years ago

    The biggest grow spurt has to be taking this course. It feels so natural to do this. So many things I have learned, many things I knew from inside but have been forgotten. I am more alive, aware, connected, grateful, peaceful and at home than before. Healing with my ancestors and forgive myself and others. I’m going for the whole medicine wheel course, i realy love doing this so much. Thank you for beeing our mentor and guiding us through ❤️

  8. Carol 5 years ago

    My biggest growth spurt has to be understanding my shadow side more. I always thought that a shadow side was a bad thing, it was there to hurt you, to destroy, bugs it’s not, it is here to help you, to learn from past mistakes and help you to put things right and grow from an experience, not to wither and die, because then the bad guys really would win. This all stems from suffering from depression for most of my adult life, and because people couldn’t fix me with a magic pill, they gave up on me. Ironically the one time they focused on my depression was when I was in hospital after using my leg! All they wanted to do was get me back on my meds, and never mind the small fact they had cut my leg off without telling me. Far from breaking me, it made it possible for me to move on to embrace my new life and the freedom to be me and to eventually find my way to Dakota’s door and here I found what I was looking for. Wish deepest gratitude and respect and trust, Who, Namaste.

  9. Kazabella 5 years ago

    Thank you Dakota. I have really enjoyed the journey so far & I’m looking forward to the North Direction. I loved the Kayak trip …a lovely way to close.

  10. Michelle 5 years ago

    Oh Dakota thank you so much. This kayak down the creek has just brought everything together. When you turned the camera around it was just so still and peaceful. I have been here before in meditations, accompanying the Lady of the Lake sailing to Avalon in her little coracle, her little wooden boat, but today I was the Lady of the Lake, in control and steering that little boat in the direction of my choice, knowing full well that Avalon is that special little magical place inside of me, just waiting to come home to. I may not have shared as much as I would have liked to during the calls but the fear of talking so openly and on camera will hopefully ease. I may not have spoken very much but I did listen and I have been able to take inspiration from each and every one of the beautiful people in this community. For this I am truly grateful. The biggest growth spurt I believe is finding the inner strength and power that has been hidden for so many years. I have boundaries in place and feel comfortable saying no. This module was so timely and because of it I was able to resist the huge pressure being put on me at work to take on extra responsibilities which I didn’t want to do. So thank you. I have met and fell in love with my inner child, the little guardian of my soul, and I think she is actually running my life at the moment, remembering how to be playful, and to be brave and rebellious. I now embrace and respect the power of my shadow self. I remember writing that I didn’t have anyone to put in my inner circle. Well now I have placed my inner child, my shadow, and myself, right in the middle of that circle, and we are having some lovely conversations, and appear to be coming to an understanding of what we need to keep moving forward, honesty, love, and respect. Also I did look up what the Lady of the Lake means spiritually, and she represents Absolute truth, courage, self respect, and responsibility. Perfect way to sum up what I have gained from this direction, especially the responsibility of loving myself. At the beginning of the year I had three words that were going to be the theme or the mantra for the year to come. Heal, Luminate, and Sparkle. Four months in to the year, everything fell apart and came crashing down. It wasn’t until the end of this last video that I realized everyone of these words has had an impact. I have certainly began the healing process, I have illuminated my shadow and the areas of my life that need to be let go of, and finally sparkle. The sparkles on the water were just pure magic, and that is how I want my life to be, full of sparkles and magic and wonder. There is light at the end of the tunnel and I can see it sparkling. My life is hard and uncomfortable at the moment but at the same time I am so in love with it, the connection, and the synchronicities that are happening. It is exactly where I need to be.. I am so grateful to you Dakota for this opportunity, and for your love and inspiration, and all your hard work. Thank you. Namaste.

  11. Hana 5 years ago

    Aho! Thank you for everything. Love you too. It has been deeply honoring to travel with you this whole year. It all suddenly feels so different. When I started the Mentorship it was like jumping into your kayak, (sorry for making it heavier :-D) to learn and peel all the layers. Now I am slowly getting to a place in that I want to jump in my own and find out for myself where I want to go and what I want to do with my life. Maybe getting for the first time in my life to a place in that I don´t want to sit in anyone else´s kayak but my own and not to make someone else paddle for me or paddle for someone else myself. But it is still nice to have people around to go kayaking with… Thank you. See you in the north!

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