1. Dakota Walker 6 years ago

    @mhelbert This is intense, and amazing, and needed! What a powerful journey/experience to have. It gave me chills reading it. I’m glad your guides took you to this place to do this healing, it’s as if you had bigger work to do ….

  2. Machell 6 years ago

    Hi, I choose the Dakota access pipeline news my heart breaks for this, but spirits had other plans.
    Every time I would try to go to dakota pipeline I would be pulled away. Then I started seeing a volcano and feeling the heat from it, then I started to looked around and saw that i was completely surrounded by volcanos as far as i could see. I turned to my left and there was my snow owl guide perched on my left shoulder just taking in the site with me. I could feel the heat on my skin, everything smelled horrific also when breathing I could feel the heat scorching my lungs. I asked my guide where am I?
    Ring of Fire was what I heard. I looked back away from my guide after getting my answer and I heard the waves of the water coming and going when I looked at the water it was black and very foul smelling as i got closer and stood on the shore I saw all kinds of dead animals wading in and out with the waves , also saw all kinds of trash, a lot of medical waste mixed in with the dead animals, i just lost it and as i was crying I heard what sounded like very big heavy raindrops falling into the ocean I looked closer and it was not rain it was all kinds of dead birds falling out of the sky, I was in shock at what i was witnessing I collapsed to my butt on the shore and just cried my eyes out over what i was experiencing, my guide came off my shoulder and buried it’s feet in the shore soil, turned to me as if to say do this and i placed my hands on both sides of me and buried them in the soil, the soil was very warm, as soon as i did this i saw light coming from my hands and the owls feet, we just sat there like that for who knows how long. then i started to see more light coming on around the entire coastline of the ring and when the whole coast line was lit with light the light went out with the tide into the ocean the wave in was full of blackness after a while the light became in tune with the waves.

  3. Grace 6 years ago

    My news story was the food crisis in Venezuela. I was surprised that I felt drawn to this but after doing the meditation, I could see why. It’s very in sync with my soul archetype. The meditation was very healing for me and I got to see not just this news story in a different light, but I found it actually a little fun in researching like a treasure hunt. Going through the middle word was not as easy for me as the lower world but things went smoothly once I got through the veil. At first I started sending out light to all the people in line waiting for food, then to those waiting to cross the border into Columbia. I then sent light into all the homes. Before I knew it, I was like a giant orb just sending light out across the entire city, like a huge curtain a light. I think I levitated. I did not come across anything scary and made my way back home fairly easy. I will continue to do this exercise as we move along and maybe try to incorporate one story a month into my daily spiritual practice.

  4. Marisse Gabrielle 6 years ago

    Dakota mentioned that we should really do the exercises that we really DID and DID NOT want to do. And this one, I really did not want to do. My meditation was only about 12 minutes, but boy was it intense and profound.

    There is a big drug war happening in the Philippines right now and there are over 2,000 people who have been killed over the past few months. There has been such an energy of fear, destruction, and despair here in the country because of it. This was my peg for the meditation.

    Some background: I’ve mentioned before that I did one of Dakota’s meditations about three years ago and a brown skinned man, an indigenous looking man, handed me a wooden beam and told me to build something. In the span of the three years I did just that – built a bed in breakfast in the mountains, a place that also came up for me in another meditation three years ago.

    In the Middle World, I was flanked and protected by animals. To my right, a pegasus, to my left, three brown horses. Above me were two eagles and below me were five snakes. My spirit guide, whom I met three years ago appeared in front of me. His presence is always calm and wise. But this time he told me that he was an indigenous Filipino. He explained that he was a caretaker of the land many, many generations ago, but today the people have lost touch with the land, lost touch with love and with caring for each other. He said that people didn’t know how to listen to the land anymore and that they have chosen to numb themselves with alcohol, drugs, sex, and entertainment. After he explained this, he then led me to the scene of the news article I read: a so-called drug dealer shot dead in the middle of a barrio who was being held by a sobbing loved one. We all observed this scene for a while and strengthened a protective bubble. We then walked further into the slums – it was dark, wet, the drains were all clogged with trash. It smelled awful and the air was thick with despair. We walked past each little shanty house and psychically saw what was happening inside: a man raping a small girl in one, a young woman selling her body for money in another, domestic abuse in another. The neighborhood was numbing themselves, some with drugs, so that they could tap out of the pain of living in such a place. It was pure misery.

    We were in the middle of the slum and I just had to stop walking. At this point I was weeping because of the despair. The only thing I knew to do was to drop to my hands and knees and grieve what had become of the country. The animals who were surrounding me dropped down as well and we all put our hands into the ground, feeling the deep pain that had soaked itself into the layers of the land and sending love, light, and peace through our hands. Then I noticed that further down the road in front of me was my spirit guide, who was facing me and had done the same. Soon he was joined by what seemed to be his tribe or more caretakers of the land many generations ago. There were maybe hundreds of them. They too were on their hands and knees sending love, light, and peace into the land that so desperately needed it. After a while, the air seemed calmer and less thick and I felt it was time to walk back.

    Man, this was really, really healing for me. I’d really like to do more work with this. And knowing that I’m leaving the country soon, it’s comforting to know I can still send healing here when I’m thousands of miles away.

  5. Gillian 6 years ago

    hi, my news item was the greyhound racing in Australia – the use of live bait, including rabbits, possums, kittens – to encourage the dogs to run, wth the result that the bait is killed by the dogs at the end of the training. When this was first leaked, a few years ago, it impacted on me greatly. I felt devastated that humans could use animals in such a way – for their entertainment. I felt great despair, knowing that we are one, and that somehow I was implicated at some level with this cruelty. Then greyhound racing was banned in a few states, which seemed like great progress. Now, it seems the governments are reneging on their promise to ban this dreadful sport. Again, it seems, dogs will be brutalized, little creatures are in danger of being used for bait again. I used this story, and my despair, as the backdrop to this meditation. However, I felt so wound up, angry, sad, rage ensued. I could not progress. I got to the veil, and walked through the veil, but my whole body became a ball of intense pain, cramping – hard to describe actually. I could not create a middle world, it was black and white barren-ness. So I was standing in this wasteland of despair, my body screamed at me to stop. So I did. I walked back through the veil, thankfully I had it together enough to walk back to where I came in. I had to stop the drumming,, get out of there as quickly as I could.

    I think I will try again, but with the impact on my body and heart, it wouldn’t be for a few days. When I feel ready to face it again.

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