1. Barbara 6 years ago

    Sounds so great @gillian! I love when things start coming together and the reeping is slowly beginning after a lot of sowing 😀

  2. Gillian 6 years ago

    The last week I have been focusing on sharing love. I have been doing loving kindness several times a day, giving it to myself as well, but noticing that recently I give it to myself far more meaningfully than previously. I have allowed myself to feel love coming into my heart, where as previously (I recognise now) resistance to the receiving. The election result was a setback, but I have been able to see it for what it actually is. I am not at a stage of being able to give love to Trump – obviously the shadows he mirrors are very deep in me. Work continues. I still don’t have a job, but I have started writing for a blog website – mostly marketing material, but that’s ok, it feels good, feels great actually. I am completing a course in medical transcribing, so hopefully to take a step towards that. I am also selling quite a lot of soap and other stuff I make, and have a paid presentation coming up soon for compassionate communication. So my life is changing – it is sort of sneaking up on me! I really do feel now that i am really seeing the law of attraction at work.

  3. Dakota Walker 6 years ago

    Sounds like everyone needed a little break! Glad it worked out! And that it also gave you guys a chance to follow up on some of the other work – shadows (@jennifer) and boundaries (@marissegabrielle) and getting outside (@carol)

    And @kgretalove, the sweatshirt is from Target! I love it too! 🙂

  4. Kirsten 6 years ago

    It took me two weeks to listen, because I unplugged, unknowing that we were doing this. I love your sweatshirt and I thank you for providing this space and those positive vibes.

  5. Jennifer 6 years ago

    So, where I am now… I am definitely more aware of these shadow aspects of myself that are coming out. And I can see why we wanted to start in the south direction, because the emotions that are coming up with these things are not easy.

    Last night on my way home from teaching yoga, I found myself humming the tune of a hard rock/heavy metal song that I used to know 20 years ago from my days as a veterinary technician. On the days when the office was closed, I would come in and clean kennels, medicate animals, check IVs, etc. And when I was cleaning kennels, I would listen to my Walkman (!!!!) and sing this song – Shimmer, by a band called Fuel. It was one of those let-it-all-out kinda songs. So last night I looked it up on Spotify and cranked it up in the car the whole way home, and I found myself going back and forth between feeling positively exhilarated and on the verge of the worst panic attack, like, ever.

    The anxiety has been wreaking havoc with me, too. I woke up an hour late on Saturday, was supposed to go set up a table at a big yoga conference and try to sell some meditation jewelry that I had made. But I was so stressed out from oversleeping, and exhausted from crying about my friend all week, that the anxiety just made it impossible for me to function – I was nauseous, shaky, heart pounding in my chest for no good reason. So I bailed. Stayed home. Even though I had paid good money to attend the conference and set up a table. That was a hard day. I kept beating myself up for being “weak”, for not being strong enough to push through the anxiety and get my shit together.

    So then I remembered to forgive myself, and I remembered to accept my shadow side, the side with the anxiety and the depression, and even though it’s going to be challenging to make up that lost income, I’m feeling like I can be up to the challenge and find another way.

  6. Marisse Gabrielle 6 years ago

    Thank you Dakota. This rest is much needed. What great timing and thanks for tuning into that. It’s 8pm here and I’m about to get ready for bed. Since moving house we’ve had to adjust to a few things and having the dogs wake us up everyday at 6am! I do need to practice my boundaries with my dogs, I realized tonight that it’s quite unhealthy. Will try to get some rest tonight and explore this dynamic over the next few days.

    Good night and lots of love!
    x Marisse

  7. Carol Sloan 6 years ago

    I feel more at peace after today, sharing my oracle card reading and the kind words people wrote and what it taught me. The last couple of weeks have been difficult because my legs are really uncomfortable at the moment and I can’t walk nearly as much as I would like and I am taking it pretty hard that I can’t get out into the countryside to recharge my batteries. I appreciate having a quiet week because it will hopefully give me a chance to catch up a bit. I am so grateful for EVERYONE here, we are all in this experience together, one big happy family who help and support each other, that means you too Dakota.

    Much love to everyone
    Carol xxx

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