1. Patti 6 years ago

    Finally got to finish this, great one today Dakota, really became aware of another trigger and why by manipulative people. I don’t like to feel that weak little girl. I’m gonna go deeper into that!

  2. Autumn 6 years ago

    I had a lot of realizations during this online broadcast. I loved the insight into the boundaries in each direction. Then I learned about how that I have been sticking my head in the sand and not participating in a lot of 3D experiences. I am so emotionally sensitive that the news just breaks my heart. I now understand how important it is to have a foot in each dimension. I understand why I have avoided the news but its importance in participating in the world. I want to be a light for others. The shadow side, boundary discussion and insight was so informative! Thank you for explaining how to create energetic boundaries as I have great difficulty with not picking up the energies around me. I continue to grow and learn. Thank you!!

    In Loving Kindness,

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