1. Grace 6 years ago

    It was nice hearing everyone share about their experiences and learning from others. Thank you for this forum and all the hard work you put into helping us to heal and transform.

  2. Machell 6 years ago

    Head first you say, well that’s what I did and my head felt like I hit a brick wall at first, hurt like hell, then I pierced the surface of the water, I then felt the coldness of the water envelope my whole body, I was swimming around and felt so free, I remember the feeling of wanting to get as far away from shore as possible, swim, swim, swim …. SO FREE!
    I felt myself turn into a mermaid, I could feel my whole body changing form, long lean, sleek, the way I was swimming changed, and the water no longer felt cold, there was no effort needed, felt comfortable, like this was all I knew?
    I saw this bright red star fish laying spread out flat on this beautifully isolated heap of boulders in the middle of the ocean, I was drawn to swim to it.
    I got to the boulders and was appreciating the star fish and felt how warm the boulders where, so I did what the starfish was doing, I climbed up on the crop of boulders and laid flat out on my mermaid back and soaked up the suns heat on the front of me and the warmth of the boulders beneath me.
    There I lay taking it all in the warmth, smell of the ocean, sound of it, I can taste the salt, I can feel the affect the salt is having on my mermaid body.
    The ocean is lapping at the base of the boulders every so often large enough to send a cool mist over me.
    Then the waves get larger and this giant sea turtle lands on the crop of boulders right in front of me.
    We are just gazing at each other, I ask it what message it has for me at this time, and it turns around and in its own way invites me to grab on and hold on, I hesitated for a moment feeling a bit apprehensive of the unknown then In that moment I heard Dakota TRUST IT!
    I leaned over and grabbed onto the shell of the turtle right behind its neck and hung on.
    It took me for a swim, we were going so far out into the ocean and it took me deep, deep into this dark trench the deeper we went he darker it got and colder it got.
    It was dark as can be then we popped out into this water world, we were in the shallows of this beautiful swamp area, everything was SO, animated the colors, spectacular! There were cliffs with waterfalls all around us and the water was all different colors for different falls, some are rainbow colored…, the swamp floor was just stunning, and all around me were giant lily pads cover in all different color lotus flowers in all stages of bloom from not bloomed at all to fully spread wide open drinking in everything.
    Turtle guides me to this open at the edge of the swamp, where it lets me off and looks at me as if saying I’ll wait here go take care of what you’re here for, Again letting me know it won’t ever leave me. At this point I found myself crying? felt some separation anxiety.
    That quick I’m standing in this clearing and the different colored waterfalls are all around me, the cliffs the falls are falling off of are so tall I can’t see the tops of them. It is just water mist at the very top.
    A leopard steps out of the forest approaching me, leopard comes up to me and empathically tells me
    ” I have something for you” and walked me to this very plain brown cardboard box, sitting in the middle of the clearing on a tree trunk made a table.
    I was scared to open it, don’t know why? leopard stood next to me saying over and over “this is for you, this is for you, this is for you”! It was very, very persistent!
    I felt like I had to open it even if not for me but for the leopard I did not want to be disrespectful to it and its gift for me! This was a really strange feeling for me, I had no choice but to TRUST Leopard!
    As soon as Leopard sensed I was opening the box it started running really fast in circles around me and the box in the center of this clearing we were in creating this giant whirlpool of dust enveloping me.
    It was very calm in the center with me and the box then just as I had the feeling that the wall of dust was high enough around me, that no one or nothing could see me open the box, Don’t know why, but this was important to me? I opened it and it is glowing bright red as I reach in and pick it up I am blinded by the tremendous brightness of it. It is a giant crystal shaped like a heart and it is glowing bright red?
    I become overwhelmingly touched & grateful the whole time leopard running as fast as it can in circles around me.
    Then just in front of me opens this small calm beautiful deep blue pool of fresh water, I could tell it was fresh water by the way it smelled.
    Dakota mentioned throwing something into the pool of water, first thing that came to mind was my crippling fear, trust, then all kinds of stuff started to flood in and I was standing at the well of water and just started losing it and going crazy throwing stuff in, thinking hope this is deep enough!
    The dust whirlpool is closing in on me and is changing into silk threads and I’m being cocooned in it, I wind up completely encased in the fetal position holding in my hands, hugging to my chest in this cocoon with my new gift.
    I now look like one of the lotus flowers on a giant Lily pads before it opens all tightly closed up.
    Once in this state of suspended animation I heard & felt leopard walk away.
    I felt myself and the lily pad I was now part of being dragged backed to the ocean, I could smell the salt again and heard a scraping sound which was the flipping of sand and realized the sea turtle had come and got me and took me back to the ocean.
    the meditation ened with me floating around in the vastness of the ocean in this animated state.

    Lots of Homework 🙂

  3. Gillian 6 years ago

    The takeaway for me was the nature of transition from south to west,from emotions to physical. We all had different aspects that we struggled with during the transition, and it was great relief to hear others having similar issues with the transition. Also it is a relief to hear others having the same sort of issues with life, in general. Thank you for providing this forum. It actually makes growth and learning and absorbtion much easier.

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